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A criminal activity in which people are recruited, harbored, transported, bought,
or kidnapped to serve an exported purpose (Google Definition).
•Sexual slavery
• Forced labor
•Child soldiery
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Estimates of people trafficked
per year, by region
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Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Southeast Asia
Best Known For: Child Soldiery
• Biggest users of child soldiers
•Take children as young as the age of 10 for
their military
• The children are forced off to camps
where they are trained, beaten, and starved
•Burma is also a transit for human
trafficking from China to Thailand,
Malaysia, and Singapore (“Burma”)
• Government involvement: (Click on
“government” to find out!)
The Academy for Educational Development.“Burma.”
Human . The Academy for Educational
Development. Web. 12 Nov. 2010.
What are they doing to prevent human trafficking in Burma?
•The Women's Affairs Federation and National Committee for Women's Affairs held over
8,000 sessions to educate women about the dangers of human trafficking.
• The government distributed pamphlets and newsletters, and aired radio and television
commercials to give people a better understanding of trafficking.
• “The government has collaborated with non-governmental and intergovernmental
organizations to offer educational programs, poverty alleviation, vocational skill training,
and micro-credit loans. Ten TV spots have been allocated to UNIAP and UNICEF to increase
awareness of trafficking.”
• Trafficking is now included as a part of training for incoming police and military officers.
• The government has identified over 400 prosecutors in only 191 cases. Fifty-three of these
offenders have been convicted, with sentences ranging anywhere between five years and
life imprisonment.
• According to police reports, the Burmese government has returned over 419 victims of
The Academy for Educational Development. “Burma.” Human . The Academy for
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Cambodia, a country about the size of
Missouri (69,898 square miles, or 181,036
square kilometers), is located in
Southeast Asia, on the Indochinese
The Academy for Educational
Development. “Cambodia.” Human . The Academy for
Educational Development.
Web. 12 Nov. 2010.
Best Known For: Sexual Exploitation
• Cambodia is a transit country for trafficking between
Vietnam and Thailand.
• Children in Cambodia are sold for sexual exploitation
and forced labor in begging rings, street vending, and
stands that sell flowers.
• The Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth
Rehabilitations found that 76 percent of trafficked
persons returned from Thailand had come from families
who owned land, 93 percent owned their own house
and had no debt on the land or house, and 47 percent
stated that their mother was the facilitator of their
• Click here to find out about the Cambodian
What are they doing to prevent human trafficking in Cambodia?
•1996 Law on Suppression of Kidnapping, Trafficking and Exploitation of Humans:
indicates the illegality of trafficking women, men, or children. If caught, minors
under the age of 15 will serve between 15-20 years in prison; anyone older than 15
may serve up to 14 years imprisonment.
• According to the Cambodian Ministry of Interior, the police arrested 65 people for
human trafficking, and 53 were convicted with penalties ranging from 5 to 24 years
of imprisonment in 2006.
• The Cambodian government is raising awareness through posters, television,
radio, and traditional local theater. In 2006, the police conducted an awareness
raising campaign among 20,000 students in Seim Reap and 3,000 students in Phnom
• Cambodia continues to assist U.S. law enforcement authorities in the transfer to
U.S. custody of Americans who have sexually exploited children in Cambodia
The Academy for Educational Development. “Cambodia.” Human . The
Academy for Educational Development. Web. 12 Nov. 2010.
Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian
Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between
Burma and Pakistan
Hughes, Donna M. “India.” Factbook on
Global Exploitation.Coalition Against
Trafficking in Women. Web, 16 Nov.
Best Known For: Sexual Exploitation
• More than 40% of 484 prostituted girls rescued
during major raids of brothels in Bombay in 1996
were from Nepal.
• In cross border trafficking, India is a sending,
receiving and transit nation. Receiving children from
Bangladesh and Nepal and sending women and
children to Middle Eastern nations is a daily
• Every year between 5,000 and 7,000 Nepalese girls
are trafficked into the red light districts in Indian
cities. Many of the girls are barely 9 or 10 years old.
200,000 to over 250,000 Nepalese women and girls are
already in Indian brothels.
What are they doing to prevent human trafficking in India?
•Government authorities make uneven efforts to prosecute traffickers and protect
trafficking victims
•Government authorities continued to rescue victims of commercial sexual
exploitation and forced child labor and child armed combatants, and began to show
progress in law enforcement against these forms of trafficking
• A critical challenge overall is the lack of punishment for traffickers, effectively
resulting in impunity for acts of human trafficking;
•As of 2008 India had not yet ratified the 2000 UN TIP Protocol
Kenya, a country in Africa which is in
size occupies about as much land area as
two Nevada's would. Is located in
Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian
Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania
Best Known For: Sex and labor exploitation
• Kenya is a source, transit, and destination country for
men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes
of forced labor and sexual exploitation
• Kenyan children are trafficked within the country for
domestic servitude, forced labor in agriculture(such as
working on flower plantations), cattle herding, in bars,
and for commercial sex, including involvement in the
coastal sex tourism industry
•Kenyan men, women, and children are trafficked to the
Middle East, other East African nations, and Europe for
domestic servitude, exploitation in massage parlors and
brothels, and forced manual labor, including in the
construction industry.
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What are they doing to prevent human trafficking in Kenya?
•Kenya’s government is failing at this time to punish traffickers
•Although they are making an effort to challenge traffickers as well as investigate
on going evils of trafficking.
•Kenya does not prohibit all forms of trafficking
•While it prohibits sexual exploitation of people it is not so harsh as far as work
exploitation is concerned.
•On a positive note; in 2008, The Ministry of Labor raided and shut down an
unregistered recruitment agency that was illegally sending Kenyan migrant workers
to Dubai. With the assistance of NGO lecturers, the Kenya Police Training College
provided anti-trafficking and child protection training to police recruits
Info on Kenya’s governemtn…
Singapore is about 3.5 times bigger
than Washington DC. It is a small
island at the southern tip of the
Malayan Peninsula between Malaysia
and Indonesia
Best Known For: Sex and labor exploitation
• Singapore is a destination location for women and
children who are trafficked from Thailand, the
Philippines, the People's Republic of China and
• Once here they are forced into commercial sexual and
labor exploitation.
•Many women migrate here to become prostitutes and
later are forced into sexual servitude.
•Click here to find out about Singapore’s government.
What are they doing to prevent human trafficking in Singapore?
•The Singaporean Government was placed in tier 2 the 2007 U.S. Department of
State’s Trafficking in Persons Report for fully complying with the
Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s minimum standards for the
elimination of trafficking but was making significant efforts to do so.
•Singapore does not have a specific anti-trafficking law, however it does
have many laws to prosecute, protect, and prevent human trafficking.
•Such laws include the Women’s Charter, Children and Young Persons Act,
and the Penal Code.
•The Singaporean Government funds shelters and local NGOs provides
health care, security, and developmental programs for victims of human
Cambodia’s illegal sex trade
generates $500 million a year.
No less than 55,000 women and
children are sex slaves in
Cambodia, 35 percent of which
are younger than 18 years of
The United Nations estimates
that up to 7 million women
and children are trafficked
around the world.
This is estimated to gross 7
billion dollars annually
Victims of trafficking are
subject to gross human rights
violations including, rape,
torture, forced abortions,
starvation, and threats of
torturing or murdering family
Traffickers recruit women and
children through deceptive
means including falsified
employment advertisements
Lack of
of people
Over 5,000 women and children
have been trafficked from the
Philippines, Russia and Eastern
Europe and are forced into
prostitution in bars servicing the
U.S. Military in South Korea
Traffickers are…
Those who have already
been victimized by
Family members and friends
of the victim
Members of sophisticated
networks of organized crime
Donate to organizations such as The
Project to end Human Trafficking
The best thing you can do is educate
yourself! The more people who know
about this, the less likely it is to occur.
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