Advanced LexisNexis Training

Advanced LexisNexis Training
Advanced Legal Research
Feb. 16, 2012
Mary Whisner
Lexis, Lexis, Lexis
• (law school)
Lexis Advance
Lexis for Microsoft Office
(LexisNexis Academic)
Lexis for Microsoft Office
• Video
• Live demo & Lexis Advance
• How should I organize this class?
• One system at a time?
– Which one first?
• Both systems, concept by concept?
– What concepts?
Research Tasks (Macro)
Find info
Research Tasks (Specific Examples)
• Find a known item (case, law review article,
• Find some documents that do X
– recent articles that discuss assisted reproductive
– Supreme Court cases reversing the 9th Cir.
Research Tasks (Specific Examples)
• Get an introduction to a topic
– What are the main elements of the Affordable
Health Care Act?
– What are the basics of community property law?
– What are the basics of personal jurisdiction?
Research Tasks (Specific Examples)
• Answer a legal question
– In WA can holder of promissory note sue for
payment eight years after note was signed?
– In WA can estranged wife testify against her
husband if she chooses to?
– Under what circumstances can non-Indian parents
adopt an Indian child?
Research Tasks (Specific Examples)
• Check validity of case
– Has it been overruled, reversed, affirmed?
– Has another court cited it? Positively, negatively?
• Find news
– How does Newt Gingrich propose controlling
federal judges?
– Have rates of malaria fallen or risen since 2005?
What could make you more
efficient at finding info?
• Knowing where to look
• Getting there easily
• Knowing how to search
– Control?
• Being able to sift through results better
• Being able to leverage results to get more
Search for Known Item
• 37 Rutgers L.J. 1169
• RCW 4.20.010
• Article by Ralph Johnson about the public
trust doctrine
• U.S. Supreme Court case about grandparent
visitation in Washington
• 9th Cir. sex discrim. case about bartender
required to wear make-up
Using One Source to Find More
• Legal Issue Trail (Lexis Advance)
– uses citations
• Search Using Selected Text (Lexis Advance)
• More Like Selected Text (
– runs search
• Shepard’s (both)
– uses citations
Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57, 120 S. Ct. 2054
• History
– Map (only Lexis Advance)
• Citing References
– Grid (only Lexis Advance)
• Restrict ( / Narrow (Lexis Advance)
• Focus ( / Terms within results (Lexis
Search for Examples
• Find some examples of state courts
interpreting state constitutional provision
differently than federal equivalent.
– Lexis Advance
• search options
• search options
Search Precisely and
• Find every case that cites Wash. Const. article
1, section 7
Search for News
• What coverage is Washington’s new marriage
law receiving?
– in Washington?
– nationally?
Search Treatises
• Find an overview of fair use doctrine.
– encyclopedia?
– treatise?
• Find summary of McDonell-Douglas test in
employment discrimination law
Recap –
• Finding databases
• Customizing (tabs, recently used sources,
• Natural Language; Terms & Connectors
• Focus
• History
• Alerts
• Document management
Recap – Lexis Advance
Select database first or later
Narrow, Search within Results
Can use Terms & Connectors
My WorkSpace
– Alerts
– Folders
– History
– Filters

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