11th Street Flood Pump Project

Since 2008, dramatic shift in importance and contribution
of Hoboken waterfront to overall Hoboken community from
economic and cultural standpoint--not to be overlooked
Since Sandy (2012), heightened need for effective flood
control in City of Hoboken
◦ An original plan was drafted in 2008
◦ 2008 original 11th Street plan showed placement in Maxwell Park
 Noted in 1025 and 1125 condo docs
 No reason given for change
Office of Hoboken Mayor is requesting easement (ie
right to use without paying for land of Maxwell Condo
Association) to install:
◦ Two 40 Million Gallon per Day underground pumps and all
supporting equipment at 11th Street between 1025 and 1125
What will the pump do? – is it clearing water, sewage, or both
◦ Current understanding is that this handles both and is much larger than
current 11th street pump
Size of installation vs current street and island size
◦ Placement of pump is on the island between 1125 south and 1025
Timing of construction – 2 years of disruption to quality of
life and park use
Request: Delay request for easement by a fair and reasonable time
to assess information on plans and alternate locations
Development of waterfront has contributed to Hoboken
economic growth and prosperity as a whole (benefitting all
Waterfront community has been responsible for attracting new
residents to Hoboken over last few years. Compromising this will
compromise the ability for the town to compete with other
similar areas such as Brooklyn, Edgewater
Currently planned placement will reduce property values and tax
base in a densely populated area of the City
Request: Allow time for a fair and impartial assessment of all available
alternatives and their impact on both the community and the City
◦ Heavily compromised quality of life for Hoboken residents, in one
of the City’s densest residential areas
◦ Noise and smell for surrounding residents, businesses
◦ Pump plan poses potential risks:
 Business and tax impact:
 Potential for degraded property values and tax base for City of Hoboken
 Potential for existing businesses not renewing existing leases
 Potential prevention of new businesses committing to the area
 Excavation of DEP level 1 land:
 Environmental contamination
 Health risks and quality of life impact for residents, businesses and tourists/
 Health risks for school children attending Montessori & Bright Horizons
Request: Provide complete and transparent access to all information
needed to fully assess impacts and risks, and allow time for evaluation
Request clear, transparent and detailed plans
from Mayor’s Office on size, scale and
function of the pump
Grant community fair and appropriate time to
consider plans and provide feedback – vs
current situation of rushing a decision with
incredibly limited information
Assess all options for placement of pump
before pushing through this easement
◦ Assess long-term impact to community and
economic growth for City of Hoboken of all
available alternatives

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