July 17, 2014 - Purchasing Directors` Meeting

Purchasing Directors’ Meeting
July 17, 2014
Craig J. Nichols, Secretary
• Introductions and Welcome Comments – Kelley Scott
• Cost Savings Tracking Update – Ann Reeves
• State Purchasing Operations – Cliff Chroust
• MyFloridaMarketPlace – Kasey Bickley
• Professional Development, Governance and Rulemaking –
Veronica McCrackin
• Bureau Chiefs - New Contracts, Renewals, and Upcoming
• Hot Topics – All
Introductions and Welcome Comments
• Introductions
– Jerilyn Bailey, Associate Category Manager on the Fleet,
Energy & Law Enforcement Team in the Goods Bureau
– Lisa Eaton, Instruction & Education Coordinator on the
Professional Development Team
– Anne Rabon, Business Analyst on the MFMP Team
State Purchasing Operations
2013-2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey
• Annual survey distributed at the close of each year to state
agencies and other users of our services
• Intended to gauge satisfaction with the services provided by the
Division of State Purchasing exclusive of MFMP
• MFMP customer satisfaction survey distributed separately
• Contains general questions about the respondent to understand
their job function and use of statewide agreements and specific
questions about the types of agreements used and quality of
services provided
• Thank you for participating!
MFMP Year-End Overview
• This year-end we processed 15,234 purchase orders with a
“Delay Purchase Until” of July 1.
– 4,803 unencumbered requisitions (compared to 3,434 last year)
– 10,431 encumbered requisitions (compared to 9,776 last year)
– Only 343 failed orders that were all resolved by July 2
• MFMP Buyer, VIP and Sourcing were available a full
business day sooner than anticipated.
MFMP Utilization Update
• Agencies continue to improve their utilization of MFMP,
especially in the eQuote metric.
• The following agencies are green in all five metrics:
Department of State
Department of Citrus
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Juvenile Justice
Department of Management Services
Commodity Code Standardization
• CR 155, an enhancement to standardize the State of Florida’s
commodity codes, was implemented the week of June 30 – July 3,
converting the Florida specific commodity codes (FLID) to the United
Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) in all MFMP
applications and VBS.
• All requisitions with a “Delay Purchase Until” of July 1 and open MFMP
commodity level contracts were converted to the new code set.
• Available training on MFMP U:
– Four webinars were conducted for agency customers beginning in June and
concluding on July 15.
– A job aid for agency customers including tips for locating commodity codes,
order processing in MFMP, and reporting using the new commodity code set.
– An online training for vendor customers covering how to select UNSPSC
commodity codes.
VBS/MarketView Update
• MarketView has been officially sunset as of June 30, 2014.
– Vendor data previously available through MarketView is now
available on the MFMP Vendor Information Portal (VIP).
– MFMP U has a new online training available for agency customers
on how to search for vendors in VIP.
– Commodity code information is available through the UNSPSC
website (www.unspsc.org) or through MFMP Buyer.
• Open VBS advertisements had their commodity codes converted
the night of June 30.
• The URL for the VBS search advertisements page has changed.
We recommend updating any saved “favorites” to reflect the VBS
home page.
VBS/MarketView Update
The updated commodity code search in VBS allows agencies to
search for codes by description or number within the VBS
VBS/MarketView Update
Additionally, a new screen has been added to the “Create
Advertisement” process allowing the user to upload files, edit
the advertisement, or view the completed advertisement.
VBS/MarketView Update
• State Purchasing is looking for feedback on the Vendor Bid
• On July 11, State Purchasing distributed a survey to all VBS
advertisement administrators and agency VBS
• Deadline for responses is July 25.
• Please encourage your teams to complete the survey. Your
feedback is very valuable.
Professional Development
Verifications and Updating of Needs Assessment Survey/Data
• Responses to last year’s needs assessment survey have been
emailed to purchasing directors. Please verify and update the
data that was emailed to you.
• Please be sure to add the city where each person on the list
works to help with locating resources and coordinating training
around the state in the future.
• A column has been added to provide you with the option to
prioritize some or all of your staff.
• Response is due by close of business Monday, July 21.
Professional Development
Course Development
• Florida Contract Manager and Negotiator courses will be pilot
and beta tested from August through October.
• Both courses are designed using a blended learning concept to
reduce the amount of time staff is away from their office. The
courses each consist of online modules to be completed prior to
the course and a two-day face-to-face classroom course.
• To successfully complete the Florida Contract Manager and
Florida Contract Negotiator courses, students must pass an end
of course examination covering the content in both the online
modules and classroom course.
Professional Development
• There are enough sessions to meet all agency needs, as currently
identified on the needs assessment survey, before December
• Seats are being allocated based on agency need and the number
of sessions to ensure fair representation of all agencies.
• Each quarter, registration will be opened to a specified or limited
number of the individuals identified on the agency needs
assessment survey.
• Registration will be processed electronically on a quarterly basis.
• Chapter 2014-135, Relating to State Contracting (formerly
HB 953)
– Signed by the Governor on June 13, 2014
– Amends section 287.057, F.S., it adds subsection (1)(b)3.d. &
– Requires that request for proposals and invitations to
negotiate include in the evaluation criteria the prior relevant
experience of a vendor
• Guidebook revisions
– In preparation for the August 2014 revisions, please submit
any suggested edits or changes to
[email protected]
• The annual regulatory plan included all purchasing rules in
Chapter 60A-1 and General Regulation Rules 60E-1.003 and
• The Division of State Purchasing and the Office of Special
Counsel (OSC) are currently reviewing the following rules:
Rule Number
Rule Title
Single Source Purchases of Commodities or Contractual Services
Emergency Purchase of Commodities or Contractual Services
Renewal and Extension
Services and Special Projects Bureau
• PCard
– Preparing for negotiations
Upcoming Solicitations
• Rental Vehicles
Current contract ends September 2014
Anticipate one-year renewal through September 2015
Rental trucks will not be renewed
Customer survey, focus group, industry meeting held in May
ITN launch planned for September 2014
• Security Officer Services
– New solicitation under development
– RFP launch planned for late July or August 2014
• Postal Mail Services
– RFP launch planned for late July or August 2014
Services and Special Projects Bureau
• Custodial Services
– Enterprise ACS under development
– Anticipate availability in September 2014
• Temporary Employment Staffing Services (991-460-07-1)
– Current contract expires November 17, 2014
– Negotiating a pilot project enterprise ACS
– Expect ACS to be in place before current contract expires
Online Legal Database Services (991-150-09-1)
– Customer survey completed in June
– Current contract expires August 17, 2014
IT/Telecom Bureau
• Miscellaneous IT Equipment (250-WSCA-10-ACS)
– Contract has been extended through December 31, 2014
– New WSCA contract in negotiations; more details next month
• Network Infrastructure (250-000-09-1)
– Contract will expire on September 7, 2014
– Plan to replace contract with WSCA Data Communications as an
ACS; more details next month
• Multifunction Products (600-000-11-1)
– One-year renewal in process through August 31, 2015
IT/Telecom Bureau
• SUNCOM Telephony Equipment and Services (STEPS) (730-00009-1)
– Contract will be extended through March 1, 2015
– New solicitation in development (20-730-000-S)
• Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software (COTS)
– 19-252-035-M currently under protest
– Use GSA Schedule 70 (252-GSA) for purchases until protest is
Goods Bureau
• Natural Gas (405-215-14-1) awarded to Infinite Energy effective July 1,
• Bulk Fuel (405-000-10-1) renewed through June 2016
– Seven vendors renewed
– 2009 transportation prices still in effect
• Ammunition and Less-Lethal Products (680-050-12-1) will be renewed
through September 2016
• Office Consumables (618-000-11-1) will be renewed through October
• We recently released surveys on motor vehicles and body armor. We
appreciate the feedback from all of you who responded!
Goods Bureau
• Recycling End of Life Electronics Equipment (991-705-09-1) will expire July 20
– Recommend use of P-Card
– Additional information available on the DEP website
o “How to Select an Electronics Recycler”
o 28 Recycling Vendors identified on DEP website
• Uniforms (200-050-05-1) will expire October 2014
– Orders can still be placed against existing contract until expiration
– Products available through Alternate Contract Sources
o GSA Schedule 84
o Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Hot Topics
Open Discussion

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