Small Businesses Employing Disabled People – The Law and

Small Businesses Employing
Disabled People – The Law
and Practice
Presentation by Michelle
Valentine, Practice Development
Officer, DRC.
Our overall goal
‘A society where all disabled
people can participate fully as
equal citizens’
What we are
The DRC was set up in April 2000 as enforcement
body for the DDA
We are independent
Offices in Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and
London – 180 staff many are disabled people
We aim to work in partnership with small and large
businesses, public sector and voluntary
We want to win hearts and minds, not just court
DDA Part I
• Definition of Disability
• “a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial, long
term, adverse effect on ability to carry out normal day to day
• Day to day activities:
Manual dexterity
Physical co-ordination
Ability to lift, carry or move everyday objects
Speech, hearing or eyesight impairments
Memory, ability to concentrate, learn or understand
Being able to recognise physical danger
DDA Part I – Continued
Also covers people with severe disfigurements
Can also cover progressive conditions such as:
HIV infection
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular dsytrophy
Registered disabled people – DDA removed green
card scheme and 3% quota system
The Act can cover people who have had a disability
in the past even if they have recovered – often
important for people who have had mental health
Part II
What is Discrimination?
2 Main Types of Discrimination:
• Direct Discrimination
• Failure to make reasonable adjustments
Justification not possible in either case
Also harassment and victimisation will also be
Part II
Reasonable Adjustments
• Recruitment and
• Training
• Promotion
• Career Development
• Transfer
• Employment
• Retention - e.g.
allocating some of the
disabled person’s duties
to another person
• buildings, furniture,
Key Points for SB’s
• Disabled people have useful
knowledge, skills and experience to
offer an employer
• Many reasonable adjustments can be
done at little or no cost
• SB’s will only be expected to do what is
• There is help available
What help is there?
• Local jobcentre – Access to Work,
Disability Employment Advisers
• Disabled people in your community
• Support from Business Links
• The DRC free Helpline and
How you can reach us
DRC Helpline
Telephone 08457 622633
Textphone 08457 622644
email: [email protected]
Website -
You can also subscribe to our monthly
email bulletin via the website

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