EGM-stadium-presentation - City of York Athletic Club

New Community Athletic
Opening at Heslington West
September 2014
Reasons for Change
(why we are moving)
• Part of the new community stadium project
• A once only opportunity to use private sector monies to
deliver brilliant new facilities in York
• City of York AC has had no security or guarantee of access
to facilities at Huntington Stadium for a number of years.
We could go out of existence without a move
• Recognition that community athletic facilities in York are
not to the standard expected and upgrade is unaffordable
• Recognition that community athletics is an integral part of
the York’s sporting fabric
• After extensive option appraisal York University was the
only feasible location for such a large site
Where are we going?
• Heslington West (not the new sports village)
• Near Fulford, next to the older sports complex
• Why not the SV? Key issues
– Affordability and drainage issues
– Space is at a premium
– Parking is limited
• It became clear that a brand new facility at
Heslington West would provide a much better
hub for community athletics
Advantages of Heslington West
A visible base for community athletics in York
Deliverable in budget and can be completed quicker
More surrounding space for facilities
Dedicated throws area during athletics season
Improved H&S
Brilliant opportunities for training such as road
runs/cross country and for other activities outside the
immediate track area
• Good parking provision
• Good transport & cycle access
The Detail
• Firstly, why City of York AC has been an influential
partner in the community stadium project;
Community work and aspirations
Willingness to work constructively and in partnership
The Detail
• 25 Year agreement that City of York AC will be the
community partner and the main user of the
• 5 year agreement of funding support from City of
York Council for inclusivity/community actions
• Affordable rental of a brand new facility, with
options to flex hire upwards/downwards
• Ensures sustainability of ‘our’ club for at least 5
years and existence of a community club for 25
years and in all probability longer
The Detail
• County standard athletics facility
500 seat covered spectator stand
Covered time-keepers seats
Photo finish equipment
PA system
Enclosed by secure perimeter fencing
Separate pavilion
2 LJ pits, 2 SP areas
Throws area marked out permanently during ‘season’.
Ample car parking
Other leisure facilities & costa coffee
The Detail
• What access are we getting?
– 10 hours a week, between 6pm and 9pm
– 5 nights a week (mon-fri)
– 10 competition days a year
• Throws area marked out & secured from 1st March to
mid October
• Pavillion – for community athletics – with toilets,
disabled changing, office, kitchen, function room and
• Opportunity to mark out 10K course, use low moor for
XC, use cycle path network. (gentle) Hill training nearby
The Memorandum Of Understanding
• The Intentions of the Parties
To build a new county standard athletics facility at the University West
Heslington campus for the people of York by September 2014, subject to
planning approval. All new facilities to be managed, operated and
maintained by the University. It is intended that this facility remain
sustainable beyond the 25 year agreement and will be the centre for
community athletics for many future generations of York athletes.
The facilities will be built for the benefit of everyone in York, and to host
local and regional competitions. The partners will work together, using
the project as a platform, to develop athletics and healthy lifestyles for
the community. The facility and supporting infrastructure will also
enable gifted and talented athletes, of all abilities, to maximize their
The new athletics facility will be the home of City of York Athletic Club,
with internal and external signage on the pavilion to reflect this. The
Athletics Club House will provide the club with an area for dedicated
club notice boards and trophy cabinets to celebrate athletics. A private
office for the athletics club will also be provided in the pavilion.
The Memorandum Of Understanding
The partners are committed to working together to develop
dedicated and improved training facilities which maximizes the
benefits for all ages and community programmes. For example, to
identify an additional grass training area for U11 outside the main
stadium area, cross county (10k) circuit and practice throws area.
The partners recognise the need for the athletics club to train
indoors during the winter months (especially juniors and the
disability group) and will seek to offer this space if it becomes
available in the sports hall adjacent for an additional fee to be
To enable the athletics club to thrive so they can support the
development of athletics in the city.
The above objectives will be underpinned by individual ‘Heads of
Agreements’ and ‘Hire agreements’ representing the position for
each of the parties based on those shared principles.
• Far too much detail for slides – so fire away!!

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