Bhatia, Manoj
Chen, Yin Yin
Clark, Neo
Ghabraei, Ali
Tang, John
Tran, Wilson
Romero, Jessica
GPO has a website that provides official and
authentic government publications.
GPO’s website is being upgraded from time to
time and test cases are manually being run
on the website in order to verify expected
Our goal is to use fitNesse as a test
framework to write and process scripts so
that all the test cases will run automatically.
Test Framework
• Run the Test Cases
• Editing Wiki Page
• Import/Export
• Display the Test Case Result
Request Information
Sending Information
FitNesse Introduction: Ali and Jessica
FitNesse Details: Yin Yin and John
Sample Test Case: Neo and Wilson
Challenges: Manoj
FitNesse Overview
FitNesse Wiki
1. Test Case
2. Fixtures
Spider Fixture – This is lead in for Neo and
FitNesse is a user-friendly, open-source,
lightweight framework for running test cases.
FitNesse reads test cases and compare the
outcome to the expected results .
The Fitnesse Wiki is a piece of server software
that allows users to freely create and edit Web
page content using any Web browser.
FitNesse allows users to create , modify and
add test cases to evaluate the desire result
using hyperlinks and simple syntax.
Fixture is a Java (or any other supported
programming languages) class that FitNesse
uses to process test cases.
We will be using web fixtures to run
acceptance tests on a website.
SpiderFixture has a comprehensive set of
actions for emulating a use
on a web browser.
It can check and manipulate forms, tables,
inputs, selects, frames/iframes, windows
(including popups).
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
◦ Open a Web Browser and enter the URL
tion (for documentum content) or URL
action (for migration content) Press Enter.
◦ Click 'Contact' at the top of the FDsys - GPO Access
home page.
◦ Click on the links for Customers.
◦ Click the "Back arrow button" at the top left of the page.
◦ (Repeat step 3 for the Vendors and Libraries links.)
◦ Click GPO Access - FDsys to return to the previous page.
Running test case at an actual server rather
than local host
◦ If there's a server we can use, should there be a
username and password assigned to the users?
Problems opening a PDF file, DOC file or
various different file from a web page.

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