eBook Conference Presentation

eBooks in School Libraries
CAIS Workshop
eBook Poll
Are ebooks part of your school library collection?
Does your school own the ebooks in the school
Have you created a LibGuide or other tool to educate
students in the use of the school library ebook
Types of eBooks, Types of Access
e-books eBooks ebooks
Integrated Library System (ILS) Managed
Alexandria Library System ILS
Vendor Managed Access-- Follett, Mackin, Baker and Taylor, Ingram
Baker & Taylor Axis 360 Platform
Aggregator Managed – EBSCO, Mackin
Publisher Managed
Infobase Publishing includes: Facts On File, Chelsea House
Single Purchase Direct From Publisher -- Rosen, Infobase Publishing, Salem,
Scholastic, Britannica
Select Titles via Bundler -- Gale GVRL, EBSCO,
ProQuest ebrary, Humanities ebooks (ACLS-HEB)
Elementary Subscription Bundler
Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)
Public Library and School Library Cooperation—OverDrive,
Access 360, 3M Cloud Library
Device Circulation/Access
Purchase devices to access the library ebook collection
Circulation policy for devices
Access for visually impaired and learning disabled students
Circulating Devices -- Nook, Kindle, Sony. Kobo, Tablet, iPod/MP3
Devices and Technological Factors
BYOD Student provided device
1:1 School provided device
Device-neutral access (open & read book from school
catalog link or app on a laptop, desktop or device)
Ebook Circulation/Access Systems
Vendor and Publisher Managed Circulation (MARC
record to ebook and site) – Follett, Access 360
ILS Managed Circulation through SIP 2 -- Salem,
Infobase, Mackin,
Aggregator Managed Access – Patron Driven Access
(PDA) EBSCO, Ingram, Mackin,
Purchase on Demand (POD) -- Kindle, Nook, iBook,
$$$$ Budgetary Factors $$$$
Lease vs. subscription, ‘capital improvement’ vs.
‘ongoing maintenance’
PDA (Purchase Demand Access) title on jobber site
purchase if enough interest
Future Planning -- based on changes in publishing and
Hosting Fees
Ebook Criteria
Device/Access – how do you access your book and what do
you read it on
Management - how do you make it work (platform,
Selection – what vendor do you use to find ebooks
Ownership? – Do you lease or are you subscribing to a
Acquisition – lease, rent, carry titles
with option to lease
DRM—Digital Rights Management
Ethics (legality of lending, privacy)
Publishers and Costs (“Friction”)
Contemplating Justice,
Supreme Court Building
Fast Changing Landscape
Ownership and DRM
Changing Models of Library Collection Development
Patron Interface/Readers Advisory
Changing world of ILL
Some ebook Sites
ACLS Humanities eBooks http://www.humanitiesebook.org/
Baker and Taylor http://www.btol.com/
Britannica http://info.eb.com/html/ebooks.html
EBSCO http://www2.ebsco.com/en-us/ProductsServices/ebooks/Pages/index.aspx
Follett http://www.aboutfollettebooks.com/follettshelf.cfm
Gale http://www.gale.cengage.com/servlet/GvrlMS?msg=ma
Infobase Publishing http://www.infobasepublishing.com/Booklanding.aspx?eBooks=1&Filter=Subject
Mackin http://www.mackin.com/eServices/main.aspx
Overdrive http://www.overdrive.com/
Proquest ebrary http://www.proquest.com/en-US/products/brands/pl_ebrary.shtml
Questiia (GALE) http://www.questia.com/
Random House www.randomhouse.biz/booksellers/pdfs/eBooksLibraryTOS1210.pdf
Rosen http://www.rosenpublishing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48
Simon and Schuster www.simonandschuster.com/about/terms_of_use
Ebook Blogs
ALA’s "The Digital Shift" (http://www.thedigitalshift.com/)
Buffy Hamilton’s “The Unquiet Librarian” (http://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com)
Colorado Virtual Libraries “Evoke: Creating the Future of Library E-content”
Steve Matthew’s “Twenty First Century Library Blog” (http://21stcenturylibrary.com)
Price, Gary. "LJ INFOdocket." (http://www.infodocket.com/)
Sue Polanka’s "No Shelf Required” (http://www.libraries.wright.edu/noshelfrequired/)
Publisher’s Weekly’s "PWxyz. (http://blogs.publishersweekly.com/blogs/PWxyz/)
Teleread News and Views on E-books, Libraries, Publishing
CBS’ ZDNet Technology News. (http://www.zdnet.com)
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