Cry, the Beloved Country chapter 28

By: Joan Klages
The judge says that there is not enough
evidence to convict Pafuri and Johannes
to be charged. So they are declared not
 Judge sentences Absalom to death by
 A young white man helps Kumalo
through the black doors.
Crying – After the judgment Absalom
falls crying to the floor
 Segregation – The white and black
sections in the court room
 Pain – Kumalo is in emotional pain when
he is leaving the court room.
 Right and Wrong – The judge talks
about how something can be right but
according to the law be wrong
Respect vs. disrespect- Before the
judgment the crowd is respectful. After
the judgment the crowd is crying out as
the judge leaves.
Point of View/Language
This chapter is in the third person point
of view.
 The judge is speaking in English, but
what he says is being translated into
Justice – Absalom is punished for killing
Arthur Jarvis.
 Prejudice – The white and black
sections and the white man crying out
for silence when Absalom is defending
Do you think the judge’s decision of
letting Pafuri and Johannes go, but
punishing Absalom was just?
 Before Absalom is sentenced it says that
the girl is looking at the judge and not at
her lover. Why would she be doing this?
 Why is it such a big deal for the young
white man to go out the black door while
helping Kumalo?

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