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Kyle Barga
This is the
probably one of
expression from
his poor selfesteem.
In the story Steve Harmon has been placed in jail until his trial
is done. You can see that the conflict of the story doesn’t only
effect the Steve, the prison inmate, but also effects his family
as well. For the first time in Steve's life he saw his dad cry.
Steve being in prison has a negative impact on his families
This is an
eye to
how the jury
will see
Since Steve is on in trial for having relations in a
murder the jury thinks that Steve is a monster.
You can clearly see that Steve realizes that he
is being seen as a monster and needs to be
seen as human or civilized.
This shows
a kid with
the word
written on
forehead so
you can se
how Steve
You can tell that prison has transformed Steve the narrator into
a guy who once was a normal kid into a kid who has gone
to prison. By going to prison Steve feels he has
automatically received the title of “MONSTER”. This is
why he said that he feel that the word monster has already
been tattooed on his forehead.
By having your
fingers crossed
behind you back
that signifies that
you are lying and
that is how Steve
feels about her.
This falls under characters and conflict because
it shows Steve's, the main character, thought
process half way though the case. It shows that
Steve’s sensitive side to his case and his little
confidence to his case.
The jail
bars are
suppose to
Steve being
in jail.
This is an example of how the setting can alter the
characters motivation and self-esteem. The author uses
words such as “believe”, “hard”, and “different” to say
that he believes he is different from the rest, but just by
being in prison clouds he self-esteem.
This picture
how Steve
would feel at
night in jail.
This is an example of how the setting effects
the mood. The author uses words such as
“darkness”, and “crying” to establish that
something really bad is happening, but his voice
doesn’t sound surprised like he is just use to it by
A nuclear
inspires hate
just like how
Steve hates
You can tell that Steve feels that he does not belong in jail,
the setting by his writing. An example of this by his word
usage of, “hate”, and how it is underlined. Since the story is
in first person, Steve’s thoughts may influence the readers
outlook on Steve. It makes Steve seem innocent.
This could
have been
s for getting
in a fight.
This is what the narrator says when threatened.
This is how jail and growing up in the bad
sections of town have transformed him. The
narrator may say these things even though he
might not mean these things.
This is how
Steve would
look when
he is crying
at night.
This shows the authors sensitive side by
him crying, but shows his twisted outlook
of life. Him saying that ,someone is being
beaten up, shows that he has maybe
encountered a few challenges throughout
his life.
“It was me, I thought as I tried not
to throw up, that had wanted to
be tough like them.” Page 130
This is what would of
happened to Steve if
he would of hung out
with his friends more.
The narrator, Steve, feels that he once
felt like he wanted to be like one of his
old friends who were criminals now.
Know he feels like he doesn’t want to
be like them.
The authors purpose is to make a movie so you can see what
goes though the mind of a convict who was wrong to be
convicted convicted.

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