Crucible Act 1 study questions

Crucible Act 1
1 Reverend Parris is worried about his
daughter, Betty, but he is really more
concerned with his own reputation
than about his daughter’s health.
a true
b false
2 Religion is a major part of the Puritan
community, but in The Crucible religion
cannot keep jealousy, resentment, and
anger from controlling people’s lives.
a true
b false
3 Freedom of speech is a protected
right, and characters in The Crucible
can speak openly about their feelings
without having to worry about going to
a true
b false
4) 1692 is in the Sixteenth Century
a true
b false
5 The girls dancing in the forest were
Abigail, Betty, Tituba, and Goody
a true
b false
6 In the Puritan world, moral crime is
the same as legal crime, and you can go
to jail for sinning.
a true
b false
7 Ann Putnam sends her daughter,
Ruth, to speak with the slave Tituba
because she believes Tituba can speak
to the dead. Mrs. Putnam believes this
will help her find out who has been
using witchcraft to kill her newborn
a true
b false
8 Abigail uses threats and intimidation
to keep the other girls from telling the
a true
b false
9 A crucible is a container used by
chemists to hold substances that are
being heated to high temperatures.
Chemists can burn away impurities.
Why does Arthur Miller call his play the
a Abigail uses a crucible to burn John Proctor
b It is a metaphor
10 Abigail says, “I told him everything:
he knows now, he knows every thing
What does Betty say in response?
a Why can’t you keep a secret?
b I’m glad it’s over now.
c You didn’t tell him you drank blood!
11 What does Giles mention to Hale
about his wife?
a She reads books and that when she is reading
them, he cannot pray.
b She would like Hale to come over for dinner.
12 Why was Abigail dismissed (fired)
from her job at the Proctor’s house?
a Abigail did not want to work like a slave
b Abigail was dismissed from her job when
Elizabeth discovered her affair with John.
13 Why does Betty cry out?
a Betty cries out when she hears the name of
the Lord sung downstairs
b She realizes that they will be hung for
14 When Betty cries out, how is this cry
a The cry is interpreted as a sign that Ruth will
finally recover from her illness.
b The cry is interpreted as another sign of
15 What does Abby tell Proctor about
the events in the woods?
a Abby tells Proctor that they were merely
dancing and that there was no witchcraft
B Abigail reveals her intention to have Elizabeth
arrested for practicing witchcraft with a
16 Why is Hale invited to Salem from
a Hale is a noted authority on witchcraft.
b Hale wanted the position as minister of Salem,
but the position was awarded to his brotherin-law, Mr. Parris.
17 What do we learn about Rebecca
Nurse from Hale?
a We learn that Rebecca’s good reputation is
widely known.
b We learn that Rebecca has been reading
strange books and will be accused of
18 How is Tituba treated when she
declares that she had conversations
with the devil and she names a Salem
woman as a witch?
a Tituba is beaten severely and is made to drink
b Tituba is allowed to fly back to Barbados
c Tituba is greatly encouraged and treated like a

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