Analysis of Cry Me a River Music Video – Course Work #1

Justin Timberlake
Target Audience
Females; Teenagers
& Young Women
 Female Gaze, this is
impacted by lots of
close up shots of Justin
 Justin Timberlake,
 The appealing theme of love,
Britney Spears &
Timberland fans
betrayal/cheating & revenge
 Sympathetic
Females; thinking
that they wouldn’t
cheat on Justin as
shown in the video
Unique Selling Point (USP)
 It is shown in the video
 Timbaland
that a Britney look-a-like
is allegedly cheating on
Justin & this is linked in
with the real life scenario
also appears &
features in the
video & song
 The video was released at the
time of Justin Timberlake &
Britney Spears breaking up
 Due to the USPs, the  Fans are drawn in &
hit became very
popular & was a
great publicity stunt
at the time
interested in the reality
in the music video as it
is relevant to the times
& media gossip
 The song was supposedly
influenced by the break-up
Media Language
 Stone cold look &
smirks of arrogance,
shows that he knew
& is over it
 Only see girl #1’s face
clearly once at the end;
either cut off by camera
or in the dark, perhaps
doesn’t want to show that
 Shows no emotion of
she looks like Britney
sadness, even though
 Blurriness in close ups; implies vision when crying
he’s been cheated on
 Only at the
beginning, close up
seems to show a
slightly watery eye; to
show that at first he  Near end shows a bit of  Black/dark clothing;  Dull colours; brightness
emotion when singing to her expresses feelings & how
been washed out
was upset
he sees the situation as
dark, sad & serious
 Black represents
rebellion; as he is now
cheating on her
Mise En Scène
 Special Effects; used
when dancing to make
it more interesting
 Setting; girl #1’s
house, set in
Malibu, California
 Minimal costume to
 Lighting; dull to suit
the mood & colours
address emotion
 Stays in the same
costume throughout;
shows narrative & also
emphasises & brings more
attention to the serious
meaning of the song &
 Kicked picture flying through
concept of the video
room; looks like a picture of rather than aspects of his
them as a happy couple
clothing & genre
 Walks with swagger & a slight limp
Pop, R&B
 Genre is not shown that much in this video
because it focuses on the meaning rather than
showing off, but some
genre aspects appear
 Attractive
Females; girl
#2 is skinny &
half naked &
shows a tattoo
 Wealth; good cars, nice
house with swimming
pool & technology such
as video camera & tv
 Clothes; trendy &
fashionable clothing
worn by all characters
 Justin wears black
clothes with the jacket
hood up

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