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The Warwickshire County
Council Pension Fund
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01926 412682
Forms, forms and more forms
• Membership form and new entrant form
• Changes form
• Termination forms
• CT117
Without these we cannot keep records up
to date.
New Opt out form
We have for some time been thinking about how we can
improve access to forms for our members.
Automatic enrolment has given us the opportunity to look at
how employees can access the opt out form now they cannot
be given out by employers.
With our partners in ICT we have been able to develop an
online form that we hope will help both employees and
employers process an opt out quickly and efficiently.
Legal requirements regarding
information is also included
Information from the
paper form is
transferred to the on
line form so the
employee is still
getting all the relevant
information before
making the decision
to opt out.
All the notes are also
transferred to the on
line form to ensure
the employee knows
when they can and
cannot complete the
opt out form
The declaration
required by The
Regulator is also
Application to Opt out
Member will go on
line and complete
their personal
details including the
details of the
employment they
wish to opt out of.
Employee acknowledgement
The employee
will receive an
that they can
print off and
keep for their
Processing the form
Every employer will
have their own
unique log in. This
means that they
will only see their
own employees
who wish to opt
out. This will keep
the system secure.
The employer list of opt outs
The employer
can see the list of
people who have
completed the
opt out form and
need processing.
Processing the opt out
The employer
will need to
validate the
form as they
do now.
Payroll processing
Payroll will log
in with their
unique log in
and will be able
to see a list of
employees the
same as admin.
Payroll processing
Payroll will see
the details of the
person and the
they wish to opt
out of.
Payroll Processing
Payroll will
insert the
amount of the
refund due
and the date it
was refunded.
Pension processing
The form will then be forwarded to
Pension Services and we will log on to
our list on a daily basis. We will be able
to see the completed form and the
process it has gone through.
We will amend our pension record from
active to opt out and up load the form to
our pension system.
We will be trialling the form with employers
that use the WCC payroll to start with. This
will give us the opportunity to ensure the
process works properly before we release it to
our other employers.
Please bear with us while we go through the
development process. Once this has been
established we hope to put other forms on line
to enhance our customer service still further.
That’s all from me – thank goodness I hear you
Any Questions?

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