Manifest Destiny is the belief that it was the
destiny of the United States to expand its
borders from “East to West” across the North
American continent.
 John L. O’Sullivan came up with the slogan in
Oregon Country is a huge are of
land between the pacific ocean and
the Rocky Mountains, North of
Washing, Oregon, Idaho, Montana,
and Wyoming came from here.
From the Treaty of Great Britain.
The journey was 2,000 miles.
It started in Miss. Valley.
Oregon Country went over the Great Plains and
Rocky Mountains.
 It crossed Platte River, Snake River, and
Columbia River.
 The saying, “Fifty-four forty or fight!” is the
line of latitude serving as the northern
boundary of Oregon.
The main idea: Texas won their independence
from Mexico and asked to be admitted to the
United States.
 The conflict over Texas started in 1846.
 Stephen F. Austin was known as the Father
of Texas, led the second, but first legal and
ultimately successful colonization of the
region by bringing 300 families from the
United States. The capital of Texas, Austin
Texas, is named in his honor.
Santa Anna became president of Mexico in
 The Mexicans mad it impossible for current
settlers in Texas to invite friends and family’s
still living in the United States to become
naturalized and legal citizens of Mexico. This
law also effected friends and family’s who had
just arrived or were in the process of coming to
Texas. But this was small part of the problem at
the time. Additional laws were passed in 1830.
The Americans weren’t happy with this.
The Alamo is a building in San Antonio, Texas.
On February 23, 1836, the Mexicans surrounded
the fort but were held there for 13 days. On March
6, 1836, they finally blasted a hole in the wall of
the Alamo. As Mexican troops poured into the
mission. The Texans continued to fight with
knives and bayonets.. More than 500 Mexicans
were killed, but the battle was soon over. There were
not enough Texans to hold the fort. Five men were
taken prisoner and later shot. “Remember the
Alamo!” became the battle cry of Texas army. Six
weeks after the fall of the Alamo the Texans, under
Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna’s army and
captured him in the Battle of San Jacinto.
March 2nd, 1836 Texas declared their
independence at the Texan convention.
 Sam Houston was the commander and chief of
the Texas forces after it declared its
 Battle of San Jacinto:
When: April 21, 1836
The Battle Cry: “ Remember the Alamo!
Remember the Goliad!”
The Santa Fe Trail served as an international
trade route between Missouri and the Mexican
frontiers from 1821 to 1880. Trail states
include Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New
Mexico, and Oklahoma. The Santa Fe Trail
crossed Missouri and the Arkansas River.
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