The Normans

In Ireland from 1169
Who were they??
 The Normans were descendants of the Vikings.
 The Vikings loved travelling around in their long ships.
As you know they settle in many places (Ireland!!).
 Some of them settled in a part of France called
Normandy…they became the
 The Normans were powerful soldiers and skilled castle
Ireland in 1166
 Ireland was divided into small
kingdoms back then!
King of Leinster but he did not
have many friends.
 The other Kings of Ireland
decided to form an army
against him.
 Dermot McMurrough went to
England to get help from King
 King Henry sent the
to help him!
The Agreement
 Richard de Clare (
Norman lord.
) was a powerful
 He agreed to gather an army of Norman soldiers to
help Dermot (the King of Leinster!)
 Dermot promised Strongbow his daughters Aoife’s
hand in marriage.
 AND Dermot promised that Strongbow could
become the next King of Leinster!
The Normans were
They arrive!
The Normans arrived in Ireland in
What happened...
 Dermot (King of Leinster) met
the Norman army at
Bannow Bay, Co. Wexford.
 Together they marched on
and took over Wexford
town, Waterford City and
 The Normans settled in
Ireland and took charge of
large parts of the country.
The Normans would reign in Ireland for 350 years
Have you been listening?
1. How did the Normans get their
2. Who was King of Leinster?
3. Why did he go to England?
4. What was the agreement?
5. In what part of Ireland did the
Normans land first?
Your task...
 Draw a timeline charting the events of the arrival of
the Normans to Ireland.
 Do a rough draft in your SESE copy first!
Dermot goes to England
The Normans take control
 In
the big move happened
England came to Ireland with a huge fighting force.
 Soon all the Irish kings had to accept King Henry II’s
had been the most powerful of all
the Irish kings...his power weakened. He died in
1198 a broken leader, the last High King of Ireland.
The Changes
 Over the next 100 years the Normans brought really
big changes to Ireland.
 They built loads of
Malahide Castle!
e.g. Trim Castle,
 They started up most
the best lands to farm.
and took most of
 They organised
Dominicans and Cistercians.
like the Franciscan,
 The Normans
How Organised!
 The Normans were very very organised
 If you could have flown over Ireland during their
reign you would have seen
Large areas of forest
Lots of small villages
Big open fields divided into strips
Stone castles
Walled towns such as Dublin and Limerick
They also loved music and poetry!
Have you been listening?
1. In what year did the King of England
2. What was his name?
3. Who was the last high king of Ireland?
4. What changes did the Normans bring
to Ireland?
5. What did Ireland look like back then?
Your task...
In your SESE copy;
1. List the changes the Normans brought to
2. List organised (Norman style!) changes
you would make too

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