I Know what you did last summer by Lois Duncan

MarQuel Pinder
Barry conflict
 Barry conflict is that him and his girl friend Helen are
having problems with there relation ship and the
killer use that against him so he can have his chance to
kill him with know one following him .
Julie conflict
 In the part where she tells her friends about the note
(pg 9) She freaks out about that the fact that
somebody else knows about there secret because she
can go to jail for killing that man she says “it isn't a
secret she gestured toward a sheet of notebook paper
that was lying on the coffee table”(pg 15)
Helen conflict
 There's a part in the story when Barry gets shot and
Helen starts to cry and sob “ I cant believe it things like
this just don’t happen why would anybody shoot
Barry”( pg 66) . This conflict is that Helens boyfriend
Barry had just got shot .
Ray conflict
 Ray conflict is that he cant seem to control the
satiation about the killer how he cant stop the killer or
find out who it is and why is the main reason why he
wants them all dead
In the story the setting takes place on a boat where the
killer is taking Julie and left her tied up in the cellar
where other dead body's where at.
Settings 2
 Another setting takes place at a high school where the
five teens hangout most of there at its also a place
where they get there notes from the killer
Setting 3
Another setting takes place at the collage field where
collie aka the killer . Had convinced Barry to come to
the field where to see pictures of what they did when
Barry got there collie had shot him
 The Narrator fells scared and confused that the guy
they had killed over the summer maybe alive and out
to kill them she also feels guilty for not going to the
cops after the man was killed so all of her friends wont
be dead

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