How did Europeans gain control of most of Southeast Asia?

How did Europeans gain control of
most of Southeast Asia?
Arrival of Europeans
 Europeans were interested in the spice trade
 Portuguese were first to reach Southeast
Asia in 1511
 Dutch set up trading post in 1596.
 Dutch pushed out Portuguese and were the
main European traders in Southeast Asia
European Power Grows
 In the 1700s and 1800s Europeans wanted sugar, coffee
and tea
 Industrial Revolution increased need for raw materials
and markets
 British gained control of Malaya, Singapore, and
 France gained French Indochina [Vietnam, Laos, and
Thailand Escapes European Rule
 Then known as Siam
 Located between British
Burma and French
 King Mongkut hired
Europeans to help
Thailand modernize
The Philippines Under Foreign Rule
 1521 Philippines were claimed by Spain
 In 1890s Filipinos rebelled against Spanish
 United States went to war against Spain in
 U.S. won and took control of the Philippines
Impact of Colonial Rule
 Economies were based on cash crops and other exports
 Raw materials were exported and finished products
imported- Southeast Asia became dependent on
 Europeans built modern transportation systems,
schools, and universities
 Education lead to growth of middle class and

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