Did Muhammad keep the Sabbath?

Did Muhammad keep the
Are we ordered to keep Sabbath
according to Quran?
Where does the Sabbath come from?
• Sabbath is the seventh day of rest written in
the Torah (Old Testament of the bible).
• God created the earth in 6 days (periods) and
then desist on the 7th day.
• So God ordered the children of Israel to do no
work on that day and keep it holy.
Major religions distort the day of rest
• Sectarian Islam and Christianity has distorted the
true meaning of a Sabbath day.
• The sectarian Christians changed the holy day to
• The sectarian so-called Muslims teach that the
5th day is a day of prayer and it is a special day
for believers.
• Both groups neglect the true day as it is written in
both the Quran and the scriptures of the
God changes not!
Sabbath Day
• The Sabbath day has always been
the 7th day according to
America(the beast's) it would fall
on Saturday.
• There is no way God would
change his days when he has
established his rites from the
begin of creation.
• Don't get mad at the nations if
they lack the understanding of
the Sabbath day. Those who
know are the bless ones and are
given true guidance so they will
be superior.
Both book supports Sabbath
What does the Quran say?
• The Quran backs this claim in the 62nd
Chapter called Friday in English.
• The devil has tricked many people in to
thinking since this chapter is called Friday then
that is the holy day.
• No, the chapter assumes the reader knows
about the Friday prayer it gives no information
about the time period when the prayer
What does the Quran say about he
• Quran 62:9 O you who believe! When the call is
made to prayer on Friday,(the day of Assembly)
hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah,
and leave off business ( and traffic): that is best
for you if you but knew!
• Quran 62:10 And when the Prayer is finished ,
then may you disperse through the land, and
seek of the Bounty of God" and celebrate the
Praises of Allah often(and without stint):that you
may prosper.
Friday Prayer
Quran 6:9-10
• When these verses were
recited the believers knew
about the Sabbath and the
time it started.
• The Sabbath begins with a
congregational prayer on
Friday evening at dusk.
• When the darkness over
takes the light the prayer is
over that begins the
Sabbath day.
Friday Evening is Jumah (Friday)
No working on the Sabbath
No transactions of money
• Business is not suppose to
be done on the Sabbath Day
• Nor are one suppose to
• It is a time to pray, rest, and
spread the word of God.
No Business
What is seeking the Bounty of God?
• Sectarian Muslims falsely interpret this as continue
working but in the same chapter it defines Bounty of
• Quran 62:2 It is he who has sent amongst the
Unlettered a Messenger from among themselves, to
rehearse to them His Signs, to purify them, and to
instruct them in Scripture and Wisdom- although they
had been, before, in manifest error-3. As well as (to
confer all these benefits upon) others of them, who
have not already joined them: and He is exalted in
Might, Wise. 4. Such is the Bounty of God which he
bestows on whom he will: and God is the Lord of the
highest bounty.
Bounty of God
Bounty of God
• Again the bounty of Allah
has nothing to do with
worldly wealth and
continue working.
Quran 10:58
• Quran 10:58 Say: "In the
Bounty of Allah and in His
Mercy in that let them
rejoice": that is better than
the (wealth) they hoard.
Muhammad kept the Sabbath
But his followers did not
• Quran 62:11 But when they see
some bargain or some
amusement, they disperse
headlong to it, and leave you
• The Prophet Muhammad was left
standing there while some of his
followers denied the Sabbath day
and went to buy and sell goods.
• A bargain is a discount on
material good, working on the
Sabbath and buying and selling
are all forbidden things to do.
Who did they leave standing in
this verse?
Book of Jubilee provides proof
• whoever saith he will do
something on it, that he will
set out on a journey
thereon 5 in regard to any
buying or selling: 6 and
whoever draweth water
thereon 7 which he had not
prepared for himself on the
sixth day,
What is amusment?
• The Quran also talks
about amusement, that is
things like going to the
movies, and poetry shows
things that will distract
you away from God's way.
What is Jumah?
• Jumah starts at dusk on
Friday and when it ends
the Sabbath begins.
• Jumah is on Friday and
congregational prayer
brings in the Sabbath.
• Work should begin to
cease Friday evening.
Sabbath Keepers
• That is why the Islamic House of Israel are
working hard to establish the Sabbath back to
its purest state.
• We know that all the scriptures are saying the
exact same thing and that is why I am sent to
teach you the truth about your way of life. I
am a messenger to you so listen to me so we
can be that bless nation once again.
Sabbath keeping is Islamic
• During the time of Muhammad peace be upon
him the original Muslims were Sabbath
keepers but many in his flock denied the
Sabbath like I stated before. They left
Muhammad standing while they went out to
buy their worldly goods.
Islamic House of Israel
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