Created by: Leana, Lindsay, and
Colton 
Follow us as we go on a journey back to the
past! We will learn all about the
Australopithecus lifestyle. We shall learn
where and when they lived, their appearance,
and even more!
Where and When Australopithecus
• Australopithecus lived between five million
and one million years ago. They lived in the
eastern and southern part of Africa[1].
Their Appearance
Australopithecus were very hairy and walked upright on
only two feet. They were as tall as a modern six-year-old
(47”-67” tall) child, their heads were as round as
baseballs, they had very long arms, they had a wide
waist and chest, they had knee and heal joints. The
males weighed about 90-154 pounds, and the females
weighed about 55-66 pounds[2]!
Australopithecus’s Shelter
• Australopithecus slept in all kinds of trees. It
could have been easy to move around
depending on how many trees were in the
• They didn’t have any materials to help them
sleep; they just found a nice tree and hopped
in because they could probably swing from
branch to branch. [3]
• Australopithecus ate animals that they
hunted, probably mostly scavenging for dead
animals, and they also ate birds, eggs, insects,
plants with berries, leaves, fruits, and roots.
How did they spend their
• Australopithecus did not gather or farm,
although they did hunt for their food,
otherwise they would be starving. [5]
• Australopithecus did not make any
homemade tools. They used things that were
already formed for them; for example, they
found branches, sticks, and stones. [6]
• The Australopithecus tribe did not discover
how to make fire because their life was very
harsh, and they were too busy fighting for
their lives. [7]
Religion and Ceremonies
• The Australopithecus pack did not include
religion or ceremonies as a part of their
lifestyle. They were focused on many other
things than religion and ceremonies, mainly
trying to survive. [8]
• Australopithecus communicated by word of
mouth and hand gestures.
• They did not have specific words for each
thing. [9]
• Australopithecus did not wear clothes. If they
had any clothing whatsoever, they would only
drape animal skin over their shoulders. [10]
Painting and carvings
• Australopithecus did not
paint or carve anything
because they were too
focused on surviving.
• Lucy was 60 pounds and was 3 feet 8 inches
tall. She lived millions of years ago. She died at
the age 25 or 30 years old. They called her
Lucy because the archaeologists who
discovered her were listening to the song
“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” when they
discovered Lucy. Lucy had a small brain
compared to humans. She is the most
complete Australopithecus skeleton ever
known. [12]
Now we can travel back to our own time. We
hope you at least learned something more
than you knew before. We also hope you had
as much fun along the way as we did making
it. Have a fantabulous day!
• Who was Lucy?
• Where were Australopithecus located?
• Name four things Australopithecus ate.
• Lucy was the most completed Australopithecus
skeleton found. She was named that because the
archaeologist who discovered her, Donald
Johanson, listened to the song “Lucy in the Sky
with Diamonds” when he found Lucy.
• Australopithecus were located in the eastern part
of Africa.
• Four and more things Australopithecus ate were
animals they hunted (probably found dead) birds,
eggs, insects, plants with berries, leaves, fruits,
and roots.
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