About Our Innovation…
Data Center Institute
• Focused on technical requirements for an entrylevel data center employee.
• Delivered in a hands-on active-learning
• Developed by Isothermal Community College
faculty and Facebook employees.
Isothermal Community College Facilitators
From left to right
• Chester Peeler - Instructor
of Computer Engineering
• Steve Hollifield - Instructor
of Computer Engineering.
• Jo James - Instructor of
Web Technology and
Computer programming.
• Tim Greene - Instructor of
Networking and
Information Systems
Facebook Facilitators
George Henry - Data Center
Operations Manager.
Duane Gowan - Data
Center Technician.
Prerequisite for Data Center Institute
• Achievement of Career
Readiness Certification
Gold Level.
– Gold Level matches 85% of
ACT Inc. job profile
• Experience in either Linux,
networking, or computer
electronics preferred.
Data Center Institute Development
• Facilitators identified
content cooperatively.
• Content delivered via
six modules.
• Modules developed
based on individual
expertise of facilitators.
• Certification exam
developed from
• Content housed and
delivered via Moodle
content management
Module I
• Human Resource
– Content addresses the
soft-skills needed to
work in an on-line
– Topics include team
building and resume
Module II
• Data Center Hardware
& Systems.
– Content addresses the
foundations of
– Topics include DC/AC
networking basics, and
data center specific
Module III
• Linux.
– Content addresses the
foundation of the Linux
operating system.
– Topics include single
user and system
administrator skills, as
well as data center
specific operations.
Module IV
• Simulation and Trouble
– Students face controlled
failure of systems on a
Freedom server.
– Content covered in prior
modules is applied in
hands-on module.
Module V
• Data Center
– Content provided an
overview of data
centers, following the
evolution of data center
– Conducted on site at
Certification Exam
• Isothermal Community College Certification
Exam conducted upon completion.
• Timed exam with 106 questions.
• 80% or higher score assured participants an
interview with Facebook and Milestone.
Data Center Institute Session One
• Participants
– 12 Isothermal
Community College
– 1 Facebook employee.
– 1 Milestone employee.
• Facebook provided
scholarships for three
Session One Results
• 100% of the students
passed the certification
• Students interviewed
onsite at Facebook
following the exam.
Data Center Institute Session One
• Five students hired as
Milestone interns to
work at Facebook.
• One student hired as a
full-time Siemens
employee to work at
Data Center Institute Session Two
• Additional session offered
– Second Facebook building
to open in upcoming year.
– Limited Faculty availability
during academic year.
• Participants
– 2 students from Isothermal
Community College.
– 5 students from the
Session Two Results
• 100% of the students
passed the certification
• Students will be
interviewed in the
upcoming year as
positions become
Looking Forward….
Student suggestions to improve sessions:
More time on…
• Linux
• PXE booting
• Networking
• Numbering systems
• Power distribution
Less time on….
• Electrical theory
• Soft skills
• Team building
• Resume writing
Facebook Feedback
"The Business Sciences and Applied Sciences
departments at Isothermal worked hand in hand with
Facebook to put together an intensive two week seminar
in Data Center technologies that rivals some of the best
private courses money could buy. We hired our first set of
entry level interns straight out of this class and look
forward to an ongoing flow of excited students gaining
valuable work experience through Facebook and
Isothermal's close relationship."
George Henry
Manager, Facebook Data Center
Milestone Feedback
“The results of the DCI class surpassed my
expectations. The class is fast paced, but with the
skilled instructors and hands-on modules it is easily
learned. The interns selected are doing a fabulous
job. It is amazing to learn so much in so little time
about data center processes and have successful
data technicians within about 4 weeks .”
Lisa Hamrick
Data Center Technician
Isothermal Feedback
“When Facebook announced they were coming to our
community to build a world-class data center and wanted
Isothermal Community College to partner with them to build
a training-program, we could not have been more surprised
and excited. We found Facebook to be a generous and
innovative partner willing to donate resources and provide
industry-specific knowledge. As a result of our collective
efforts translated into success for our students. Students
now working in highly technical jobs at Facebook could not
have dreamed of that opportunity just two years earlier
when they began their education. “
Steve Hollifield
Data Center Institute Facilitator

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