WELS reforms and review

WELS reforms and legislative review
Objectives of the Water Efficiency Labelling and
Standards Act 2005
Conserve water by reducing water consumption
Provide information for purchasers of water-using and water-saving products
Promote the adoption of efficient and effective water-use and water-saving
This achieved through:
• Registration,
• Labelling
• Communication, including the website and public search database
• Compliance action
WELS Legislation framework
Water Efficiency Labelling
and Standards Act 2005
Water Efficiency Labelling and
Standards Determination
2013 (No. 2)
WELS Standard
AS/NZS 6400 – Water Efficient Products
Water Efficiency Labelling and
Standards Regulations 2005
Water Efficiency Labelling
and Standards
(Registration Fees) Act
Water Efficiency Labelling and
Standards (Registration Fees)
Determination 2013
Product specific standards
Tap equipment , AS/NZS 3718
Flow controllers, AS 5200.037.2
Lavatory equipment, AS 1172
Urinal equipment , AS/NZS 3982
Clothes washers, AS/NZS 2040
Clothes dryers, AS/NZS 2442
Dishwashers, AS/NZS 2007
Showers AS/NZS 3662
Reforms to date
• Improvements to the database
• Free access to AS/NZS6400
• Registration processing times have been
• Reduced applicant error rates
WELS Standard Revision
• The WELS Standard has been revised together
with Industry and is available for comment on the
Standards Australia Website
• The standard has been simplified and streamlined
• Changes include:
Each product type is now a stand alone chapter
New labels
More options for text advice
4 Star showers
WELS Act Review
• The next review of the WELS Act will
commence in late 2014
• The scope of the review has not been
determined but will include cost to business
• Consultation with Industry will be central to
the review process
Answers to common queries
• WELS does register zero star rated showers
• WELS cannot provide exemptions from
• You can use one test report for multiple
• WELS administers the scheme and is the only
authority that can make a ruling

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