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Join or Die
By: Levi Humes
Background Information
• Created by Benjamin Franklin on May 9, 1754.
• It was put in the Pennsylvania Gazette.
• It was made before the American Revolution of 1776, when
the colonies were still being controlled by Great Britain.
Purposes of this cartoon
• One purpose of this cartoon is to inform the colonists about
the growing problem of Great Britain controlling the colonies.
• A second purpose of this cartoon is to persuade the colonists
that they need to join and work together and fight against
Great Britain in order for them to survive.
Black and white drawing.
Snake is in 8 different pieces.
Each piece of the snake is curved.
Under each piece of the snake there is the abbreviation of
each of the colonies.
• At the bottom it says JOIN, or DIE.
Rhetorical Triangle
• This political cartoon appeals to all three point on the
rhetorical triangle.
• It appeals to pathos, logos, and ethos.
• This political cartoon appeals to pathos by trying to
manipulate and change the views and emotions of the
colonists to think the same way the creator does.
• This cartoon was very influential to the colonists and inspired
them to rebel against the British.
• Although there were a few colonists that rejected the idea of
seceding from Britain, these colonists were called Loyalists.
• This cartoon appeals to logos because it gave the colonists a
reality check that if they don’t act soon they will die and the
colonies will be destroyed.
• This cartoon appeals to ethos because it was created by
Benjamin Franklin who was a very important person of this
• Benjamin Franklin was a very aspired writer and inventor so
therefore he had a lot of credibility.
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