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Jim Dine
June 16th, 1935 - Present
Biographical Information
Born: June 16th, 1935 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Oldest of two sons
Went to the University of Cincinnati but left after a year
He attended the art school of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
He enrolled in the art department at Ohio University where he
eventually met his future wife
In 1957, Jim Dine and Nancy Minto got married
He moved to New York
He is the leader of the “Pop Art” movement
Dine is best known for his repetitiveness i.e) robes, hearts, tools
Style of Art
• Jim Dine is an American painter, sculptor, printmaker,
illustrator, performance artist, stage designer, and poet.
• Dine is known for his repetitive theme; repeating his theme
again and again in several mediums.
• The icons that Dine often used were hearts, robes, and tools.
• The objects he used in his art became icons of “Pop Art”
during the 1960s-70s.
• Dine’s paintings tend to have a romantic sensual effect/feel to
• The texture and application of paint highlights Dine’s use of
abstract expressionism.
• He would use water color, charcoal, enamel, pastel, pencil,
chalk, paint, ect…
Walla Walla Robe (1986)
Heart At the Opera (1983)
Dry-Wall Hammer (1973)
To The Lake (1998)
Spoon (1989)
Red Etching Robe (1976)
Favorite Quote
“Pop is concerned with exteriors. I’m
concerned with interiors. When I see
objects I see them as a vocabulary of
feelings.” – Jim Dine
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By: Jennifer Shone

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