Overview of EEE DIP

Overview of EEE DIP
Prof Wen Changyun
Chairman, DIP Committee
•Thematic Programmes
•Procedures on the Selection and Allocation of
Thematic Programmes and Projects
•DIP Competition
•DIP Assessment
•Important Deadlines
• All the third year students are required to
do DIP (Course Code: EE3080) (2 AUs)
• The 2014/2015 Design and Innovation
Project (DIP) for will be carried out during
o Semester 1; or
o Semester 2,
• Students normally work on DIP for 6 hours
per week over the 13 weeks
o 1.30pm - 4.30pm on every Wednesday
o The other 3 hours are flexible
Thematic Programmes
• All DIP projects are classified according to
Thematic Programmes.
• Currently there are 9 thematic
•Smart and Micro Grids for Integration of
Renewable Energy Sources
•Smart Electronics
•EEEbot – The Robotic Challenge
•UAVIONICS Programme
•Satellite Programme
•Radar Programme
•Undergraduate Photonics Programme
•Mobile Computing Thematic Programme
•Electromedical Technologies Programme
24 March 2014
10 April 2014
17 April 2014
DIP Competition
One DIP competition will be held among
projects within respective thematic
programme by programme coordinator.
For programmes with small number of
projects, they will merge with other
programmes for competition.
Date of Competition:
8 December 2014 (Semester 1)
11 May 2015 (Semester 2)
DIP Assessment
Students’ performance will be closely
monitored and assessed.
Each student will be assessed individually by:
–Project Supervisor; and
DIP Assessment
The assessment areas by supervisor:
– Technical Knowledge and Skills
– Attendance and Participation
– Project Report
– Oral Presentation
DIP Assessment
The assessment areas by moderator :
– Logbook/Interview
– Demonstration
– Project Report
Project Report
• Each student needs to write an individual
report of 4 to 5 pages (excluding appendices)
A group report about the entire project must
also be submitted.
• Submission Deadlines:
14 November 2014
17 April 2015
for Semester 1
for Semester 2
Peer Reviews
Each student is required to give peer reviews to
all the team members (including the student
himself/herself) in terms of rankings (compulsory)
Peer review result and also
project competition result
will be used as references by supervisor and
moderator during their assessment
Important Deadlines:
Deadline for selecting thematic programmes
24 March 2014
Deadline for submitting project proposals
(DIP in Semester 1)
10 April 2014.
Deadline for selecting projects
(DIP in Semester 1)
17 April 2013
• For more information, please visit the
DIP website:

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