Textured Pinch Project

Textured Pinch Project
The “Pinch Pot” method has been around for ages
and is still used as a hand building method today.
Basic pinch pots are easy to make almost always
with good results.
But you can expand on the basic “pinch
pot” in a lot of interesting and fun ways.
• You can play
with and
change the
basic shape.
You can put 2 together to make
closed forms.
You can carve into the surface of the clay.
You can add texture.
You can press things against the clay
for some interesting effects.
…more texture!
You can have a lot of fun with the
“pinch pot” method.
For your pinch project I would like
you to build a “chip and dip” project.
The criteria for this assignment is:
Must have at least 2 compartments.
Should be an asymmetrical, organic form.
Must have texture or carved design.
Should have uniform thickness (about the
thickness of an Oreo).
5. Put in the needed time and effort. We
will spend 2 class periods
Instructions for pinch project:
1. Start with a ball of clay (about softball size)
2. Push in 2 holes (at least) and pinch out one big and
one small compartment.
3. Keep pinching until you get an even thickness (about
like an Oreo).
4. Shape the compartments.
5. Do any desired “impressing” and allow project to get
leather hard.
6. Add carving or finishing and smooth with sponge.
7. Carve in your name and class into the bottom and
turn in with the score sheet to the drying cabinet.

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