Presentation by Mario Hyland,

Developer’s Integration Lab
Introduction to the
Developer’s Integration Lab (DIL)
Mario Hyland
Sr. Vice President,
Experience, Inc. has extensive experience with both
public and private sector health IT initiatives:
• eHealth Exchange (formerly NwHIN)
• IWG / Healtheway Inc (Partnered with CCHIT)
• NIST Health Information Technology Testing Infrastructure (HITTI)
(Partnered with Booz Allen)
• HIMSS Interoperability Showcase
• IHE CONNECT-a-thon
• Support OSEHRA on Challenges facing Interoperability
• In our experience, we recognize a number of technical as
well as organizational roadblocks to successful exchange of
healthcare information
• Here are two of the stories that stand out to us the most:
• Upwards of 7 Layers (challenges) to Interoperability
• CIO control over their extended-IT Domain
Risks to Planned Initiatives
As both public and private sectors plan for current and
future initiatives, it is important to recognize and mitigate
the following risks:
• For those Large Federal Health Programs (focused on integration)
• Interoperability and conformance testing should be built into the
entire software development lifecycle (agile)
• The importance of true independent (3rd party) testing
• For Health Systems and other Organizations
• Compliant Product (Vendors who prove Interoperability)
• Proven Technical Stacks (challenges)
How to Ensure Interoperability
• Test Driven Development (TDD)
• Put the testing tools into the hands of the Developers during
the development life cycle, do not test at the end it’s “Too Late”
• Testing should begin as soon as development
• Functional (Conformance) Testing alone will not ensure
Interoperability with External Partners
• Focus towards testing Specifications, and ensuring
backwards compatibility
• Gateway-to-Gateway communications
How does AEGIS ensure Interop
• We offer an open-source, cloud- and web-based solution Developers Integration Lab (DIL) – that can support these
types of initiatives throughout their lifecycle and includes the
following features/business value:
• Support Test early, Test often (anytime anywhere)
• Developer focused
• Self Service Lab available 24/7
• Consolidated (One) Lab
• Bi-Directional (Request / Response) message
• Disruptive Technology, SAAS and IAAS
DIL SOA Architecture
Open Source Project - DIL
 We are working to set up an Interoperability Working
Group with OSEHRA to promote open source tools for
interoperability and conformance testing
 Our kick-off meeting will be held on November 28th both
in-person and available online as a Sprint Planning and
Review Session around the DIL open source project
 Please RSVP at the booth outside of the conference rooms
Where is the DIL being used
Currently the DIL is supporting:
eHealth Exchange
Healtheway Inc Compliance Testing (Conformance &
EHR/IHE Interoperability Workgroup
15 State HIE members
Numerous EHR Product Vendors
NIST Health Information Testing Tools Infrastructure (HITTI)
Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) testing of CONNECT
Open Source Gateway (
Apply our experiences gained with the DIL
In our opinion, success will ensure:
• “Interoperability on a Global scale”
• “Test Early, Test Often” to keep up with changing
specifications and requirements
Our Mission
• “Ensuring Interoperability into the 21st Century”
Contact Us, Inc.
2275 Research Boulevard,
Suite 500
Rockville, MD 20850
Mario G Hyland
Sr. Vice President
[email protected]
(703) 893-6020 x707
(301) 529-5466 (c)

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