Data Information Literacy

Lisa Hinchliffe | Karen Hogenboom | Christie Wiley | Sarah Williams
September 2013
Data Information Literacy Symposium
DIL Definition and Competencies
“Data information literacy, then,
merges the concepts of
researcher-as-producer and
researcher-as-consumer of data
products. As such it builds upon
and reintegrates data, statistical,
information and science data
literacy into an emerging skill set.”
Carlson, Jake R.; Fosmire, Michael; Miller, Chris; and Sapp
Nelson, Megan, "Determining Data Information Literacy Needs: A
Study of Students and Research Faculty" (2011). Libraries Faculty
and Staff Scholarship and Research. Paper 23.
• Conversion & Interoperability
• Cultures of Practice
• Databases & Data Formats
• Data Curation & Reuse
• Data Management &
• Data Processing & Analysis
• Data Quality & Documentation
• Discovery & Acquisition
• Ethics & Attribution
• Metadata & Data Description
• Preservation
• Visualization & Representation
Data Information Literacy Project
• IMLS funded
• Purdue (lead), Cornell, University of Minnesota, University
of Oregon
Five projects, based on existing relationships with faculty
Interviews with faculty and others working in lab about
importance of various data management issues
Projects with faculty members to train graduate students
and lab personnel on issues identified in interviews
Focus on researchers as producers of data rather than
Implementation Strategies
• Embedded Data Services Consultant
• Training Sessions
• Course-Integration
• Stand-Alone: Workshop, Workshop Series, Course
• Lab Meetings
• Online modules
• Partnerships
• Subject Liaison/Data Specialist
• Data Specialist/Information Literacy Librarian
• Subject Liaison/Data Specialist/Information Literacy Librarian
• Example Curricular Materials
• Connecting with Faculty
• Developing Librarian Skills
• Scalability
Next Steps at UIUC
• User Education Committee and eResearch
Implementation Committee
• Discussion of Possible Next Steps
• Discussion of Roles
• Goal – Aligned and Complementary (Not Competing) Efforts
• Detailed Sharing from Digital Information Literacy
Symposium (Brown Bag)
Questions, Comments, etc.?

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