Cross-Cultural Interviewing

Cross-Cultural Interviewing
Facilitator: Tanya Dee
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Why do we interview?
• Why do we interview? Fit
“One of the main purposes of a job interview is to
enable the employees on the interview team to
assess the potential cultural fit of a job candidate…
The candidate must exhibit both the necessary
qualifications to perform the job and the essential fit
needed to work effectively within the existing
organization… The purpose of the majority of
interview questions asked during a job interview is to
assess a candidate's cultural fit.” (italics mine)
“When interviewing, the hiring manager is going
to look for intangibles such as whether you
are going to fit in with the corporate culture”
– Forbes magazine, April 9th, 2013
Do you look for fit?
What does it mean to your company / organization?
How do you evaluate “fit?”
What challenges might come up in a cross-cultural setting?
• One at a time, describe to your partner what you
did today from the time you woke up, to the time
you left your home
• The catch: for each verb you use, repeat it with a
synonym. Eg: “I woke up / awakened this morning
and got out / arose from bed.”
• You each have 3 minutes
Communication Follow-up
• How did that feel?
• What was hard about communicating?
• For the listeners:
– What did you observe in your partner’s physical
– How did they sound?
– Was it difficult to understand your partner?
Developing Cross-Cultural Interview Questions
“Tell us about yourself.”
• Often used as an icebreaker question.
• Provides a sample of how well the individual can express
him/herself and put ideas forward.
Typical responses to this question:
• “I have over 5 years’ experience working as a _____. In this
role, my responsibilities included ___.”
Potential challenges when asking a new immigrant candidate
this question:
• The individual may provide more information than
you expect.
• “Could you please tell us about your work experience
and how it relates to this position?”

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