River Systems - Springfield Elementary School

South Carolina’s
Rivers and
3-1.2: Describe the location and characteristics of
significant features of South Carolina, including
landforms; river systems such as the Pee Dee River
Basin, the Santee River Basin, the Edisto River Basin,
and the Savannah River Basin; major cities; and
climate regions.
Prior Knowledge
• Think about what a river is (what it
looks like, what it is made of, what they
are used for, names of any rivers)
• Turn to your “elbow partners” when the
signal is given to discuss with them
what you have thought of.
• Let’s get together as a group, after
your discussion time, to talk about your
• Now, let’s read from our Social Studies
Weekly newspaper to get more
information before moving on!
What are we going
to be doing today?
• Today, you will be expected to:
– Follow the PowerPoint with your study guide
and fill in the missing words or descriptions.
– Watch clips from Discovery Education about
rivers in our state.
– View a short PowerPoint with photographs
of the river systems we are learning about
– Participate in a SmartBoard activity in which
we label the river systems in South Carolina.
– Complete your own map of the river systems
and compare two rivers of your choosing.
River Systems
• 1. A river system is comprised of a
number of smaller rivers that join into
one main river.
River Systems, Continued
• 2. In South Carolina, we have four
major river systems.
A. The Savannah River system
B. The Edisto River system
C. The Santee River system
D. The Pee Dee River system
Pee Dee River
Missouri River
The River Systems, Continued
• 3. The Savannah River
– A. The Savannah River forms the
western border of the state with Georgia.
– B. ______________________________
C. Savannah River System
The River Systems, Continued
• 4. The Edisto River system
– A. _______________________________
– B. _______________________________
– C. _______________________________
The Edisto River System
The River Systems, Continued
• 5. The Santee River System
– A. _______________________________
– B. _______________________________
– C.__________
The Santee River
The Pee Dee River System
• 6. The Pee Dee River system
– A. _______________________________
– B. _______________________________
– C. _______________________________
The Pee Dee River
South Carolina’s Lakes
• 1. All of South Carolina’s major lakes
are man-made.
– A. They are made by damming up a
– B. Some of the smaller lakes are made by
cutting trees in an area and damming
up creeks.
– C. There are 11 major lakes in South
• i. There are Lake Jocassee, Lake Murray, and
Lake Marion, for example.
South Carolina’s Lakes
Lake Marion
Lake Murray
South Carolina’s Lakes
Lake Russell
Let’s Have Some FUN!!
The Pee Dee River Basin
The Santee River Basin
The Edisto River Basin
The Savannah River Basin
Let’s look
at river

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