Everyday Use October 13 and 14

October 13 and 14
I can score 80% or higher on my grammar quiz.
I can use before, during, and after reading strategies.
I can create a quilt square.
I can finish my totem pole.
 Review 3 semicolon rules.
 Use semicolon between two independent clauses that are
closely related in thought and NOT joined by a conjunction.
 Use semicolons to join two independent clauses and connect
with conjunctive adverb or transitional expression.
 Use semicolon with items in a series that require many, many
Grammar Quiz
 Write your answers on your own paper.
 Click into clickers.
 Discuss
Finish Totem Pole
 You will have ten minutes to finish.
 You must have at least four animals.
 Have at least four drawings that represent you as a person.
 Favorite Animal
 An animal that symbolizes your feelings when angry.
 An animal that symbolizes your feelings when happy.
 An animal that you have learned a lesson from.
 An animal that you respect.
Finish “Everyday Use”
From the dream, what can you infer about the relationship between the narrator and Dee? (page
The narrator’s activities are part of her rural way of life. What personality traits do you think her
physical traits reveal? (page 104)
Mama’s memories emphasize differences between Dee and Maggie and provide background for
conflicts. What does Mama show about her closeness to her daughters? (page 104)
Why does Mama resent Dee reading to her and Maggie? (page 105)
What does Mama’s narration on page 105 tell you about her childhood?
What does Dee’s desire for “nice things” and her confidence in overcoming disaster suggest
about her? (page 105)
What can you infer about Maggie’s feelings based on her actions when the man tries to hug her?
(page 106)
Which detail tells you that Mama and Maggie are still using the churn to make butter? (page
How does Maggie handle the conflict over the quilts with Dee? What does her approach say
about her? (page 108)
What effect do you think Mama wants her actions to have on Maggie?
“Everyday Use” Quiz
 After reading
 Design a quilt square that represents an item that is important
in your life. The quilt square will be graded for neatness,
creativity, and effort. Make sure you name is on the back of the

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