BYOD in the Chemistry Classroom

BYOD and Flip in the
Chemistry Classroom
Real-Time Resources for Students to Own Their Learning
Friedman, November & Pink
• “Employers are looking for workers who can think
critically, who can tackle nonroutine complex tasks, and
who can work collaboratively with teams located in their
office or globally.” (Friedman and Mandelbaum, 2011)
• “Students often ask for – or willingly produce on their own
–extra work, when they believe that work has purpose.”
(November, 2012)
• “Stories are easier to remember---because in many
ways, stories are how we remember.” (Pink, 2006)
• RPS has chosen BYOD to bring
technology to our students
– Cost effective alternative
– Enhance communication and collaboration
– Ownership of learning to the students
The Goals of BYOD in Chemistry
• To have all students in the test class using
a device registered to them
• To provide students with resources to own
their own learning
• Action research to test BYOD as a
resource to level class groups
Educating Parents and Guardians
• Timeline: February
vacation and final
week of the month
Educating Parents and Guardians
Educating Parents and Guardians
Outreach to families via Edline
Hello Chemistry Block G Students and Families!
Our class will be going BYOD in March! 5 Students are currently enrolled.
Please go to the Technology at RMHS link in Contents of your Edline home
Select BYOD from the contents of that page
1. Print and sign the BYOD User Agreement and return to Mrs. Chiappini no
later than Thursday 2-28
2. Follow the instructions for students "How to Register and Login to BYOD"
3. Communicate any difficulties to Mrs. Chiappini
4. Mrs. Dee will be available one block the first week of March to help
remaining students with signed agreements onto the system.
Collaboration with RMHS Tech Experts
Timeline: First week of March - Mrs. Dee
provides critical tech support:
• Students registered and having proper
permissions is determined
• Mrs. Dee visits class to assist in student
registration of devices
Registering Students
• Initially 5 of 20 students were registered
with devices as part of the start of year
BYOD school wide drive
• Goal is 20 of 20 students with a registered
and active device
• Final outcome at start of project: _8_ of 20
Plan B – A Teacher’s Best Friend
BYOD / Flipped Classroom Hybrid Goals
• Use devices to collaborate and practice in
class as numbers allow Supplementing with teacher IPAD
• Provide resources to support Flipped use
of information at home as unit review
• Students research video options and blog
to share their work
The Chemistry Challenge
• Mole Quantities in Chemistry:
– To understand the mole is central to all
chemical quantities
– To use conversions factors to convert between
moles, mass and volume of gas at STP
– To determine percent composition of a
Edline Blog Feature
• Students researched
videos to support %
composition to
supplement SmartBoard
lesson and group
practice at school.
• Students collaborated on
what they liked about the
video they chose on
their Edline Blog.
• Great information for my
practice in creating or
using video for flipped
• “I chose this video because it was not
handwritten, which can sometimes make
the examples hard to read if the camera,
handwriting, or lighting are bad.” RMHS
Student 1
• “I chose this video as it gives a good
example using CO2. The example is
also formated like it's done in class
which made it easier to understand. It
was simple, with just a guy, a piece of
paper, and a marker. Lastly, judging by
this YouTuber's channel he is also a
Professor which means he probably has
a good idea of what he's talking about.”
RMHS Student 2
The Student Resources - Edline
The Student Resources
• Khan Academy Mole
• Papapodcasts Moles to Representative Particles
• Isaac’sTeach
% Composition 1
The Student Resources
• BYOD Mole
• BYOD % Composition
Block G Chemistry BYOD
Block G Chemistry BYOD/Flip
Student Take-Aways
• Independence
• Owning their learning through choice and
contribution to the lesson
• Collaboration in groups and on blog
• Overall improvement in learning 3 pts
average compared to prior units
Edline Practice and Play Links
Math Game
It's Elemental - A Balancing Act
Fun Based Learning
Stinks and Bangs
Ideas Moving Forward
• BYOD/Flipped Classroom project was
successful in engaging students to use
resources to preview and review materials
at home and own more of their learning.
• Student feedback was excellent for
strategies to meet the needs of all learners.
Ideas Moving Forward
• BYOD registration process must start in
August – A new streamlined process will
be in place for 2013/14 school year.
• While the diversity of devices brings
challenges and limitations, it is a step
• Doceri – “Teachers interact with their
students and not their whiteboard” SP Controls, Inc.
– Classroom Presentations
– Flipped Classroom Screencasts
• Jing – Screen Capture + with 5 minute
video capability –
• Dropbox – Your files in the cloud,
updated to any device with Dropbox
–No need for Mdrive
–No leaving your flashdrive at home or
–Update anywhere, have available at
• EduCreations – “Teachers interact with their
students and not their whiteboard” Educreations. Inc
Presentations (IPAD or flash)
– Flipped Classroom Screencasts
– MWC Mole Lesson
• Nearpad – For 1:1 IPAD environment, even
groups; send presentation to each device
with interactive formative assessment
• Science 360 – “Teachers interact with their
students and not their whiteboard” Science 360
Presentations (IPAD or flash)
– Great Ideas for CC writing prompts
– NBC Learn - Physics
• Ted Talks – Inspiration for students and
teachers alike. Two to share that Pink and
his emphasis on Play & Story would love! Play
with Smart Materials - Catarina Mota & Hey Teachers Make it Fun - Tyler DeWitt
Hunting the
Elements IPAD App
Students can
Build atoms of
different elements
Use atoms to build
molecules to real-life
K – bananas,
Thank you!
Michele Weber Chiappini
Reading Memorial High School
781-944-8200 Ext 308
[email protected]

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