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Procurement 101
July 2014
Procurement Services
Records Center
Procurement Services
Ensures purchase of goods/services are in compliance
with District financial policies.
Works with end-user departments to establish and
maintain active contracts for day-to-day supply and
operational needs.
Assists schools/end-user departments in purchasing
goods/services not already on active contract.
What Dictates how CCSD Buys
CCSD Board Policy DI, Fiscal Accounting and Reporting located on the main District website.
CCSD Purchasing Regulations - located on the
Procurement Services website.
Remember: YOU are a part of the Procurement
function. YOU have a role in upholding the
District’s policies & regulations.
How do I Learn what is
Currently Under Contract?
Financial Portal
Home Page
Contract List for
Contract List
Includes purchase information for most day-to-day
operational needs.
First place to check before making a purchase.
Check every time you make a purchase – information can
change throughout the year.
Prices are usually held firm for a year and include
shipping; often include warranty, assembly and/or
Why do I have to Purchase
Using the Contract List?
The District has entered into contracts with these
vendors for the purchase of certain goods/services.
Contract vendors are required to have background
checks; comply with immigration laws; and meet
insurance requirements mandated by Risk Management.
By purchasing off contract, you could assume
unnecessary risks on behalf of your school and the
Methods for Making a Purchase
Purchase Orders
Procurement Card
Performance Contracts
Check Requests
Local Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders
Most commonly used method of purchasing goods.
Preferred method of purchasing MOST large dollar
Contract Items.
Procurement Cards
Preferred method for small purchases.
Some contract items, regardless of dollar amount (office
& art supplies).
See the Contract List for a complete listing of
items/contracts where use of the P-Card is preferred.
Procurement Cards
For more details - refer to the Procurement Card Manual
located on the Financial Services Portal:
Non-contract Related Questions? Contact Dawn
Vastola/Accounting at 770-426-3517.
Performance Contracts
Also known as FS-213.
Used as payment method for many services.
Procurement rules/regulations still apply.
Primary contact: Mary Waymire 770-590-4579.
Performance Contracts
Where to find the form?
Financial Portal
Form Bank
FS-213 Performance
Performance Contracts
Things to Remember
START EARLY!! Allow plenty of time to gain the proper
prior approvals.
Include applicable solicitation number, if any.
• Refer to Contract List to find solicitation number; or
• The link for Award Letters for IFBs/RFPs/RFQs
Information related to the Georgia Security and
Immigration Compliance Act must be completed if
service(s) are NOT already part of an existing CCSD
Competition Thresholds
(Purchasing $ Limits)
Purchases less than $1,000 and not on contract are
completed by end user using best judgment.
Purchases between $1,000 - $9,999.99 and not on
contract require two (2) quotations secured by requestor.
Purchases $10,000+ and not on contract require
Procurement Services issue a formal solicitation.
Complete and submit a Request for Solicitation form.
Competition Thresholds
Purchases between $10,000 – $49,999.99; Procurement
issues a written Request For Quote (RFQ).
Purchases $50,000+; Procurement issues an Invitation
For Bid (IFB) or Request For Proposal (RFP).
Purchases $200,000+ may require prior Board approval.
Competitive Solicitation
Identify any special requirements associated with grant
It takes time!! Depending on dollar amount and
complexity of the purchase, allow 3 weeks (typical for
Requests for Quote ranging from $10K to $50K) to 3
months for high dollar and more complex purchases.
Construction Related Purchases
Must follow CCSD guidelines as well as applicable state
and local laws/guidelines.
May include items such as scoreboards, playground
equipment, bleachers, signage.
Contact CCSD Construction Department first for
guidance 770-590-4519.
Timeline is lengthened due to state/local requirements.
Foundation, Booster Clubs, etc. – Various state/local
requirements apply at all dollar levels.
Exceptions to Full & Open
Emergency - Applies where delay in purchase would
result in serious injury, financial or other, to CCSD.
Academic Prerogative – Academic materials/services
selected at the discretion of a teaching professional.
There are three general categories for academic
• Academic materials
• Staff development services including training and
consultative services
• Contracted services for guest performers
Exceptions to Full & Open
Sole/Single Source - Any purchase where
supplies/services are available from only one responsible
• Less than $10,000 – Supporting documentation must be kept
at the school/dept.
• $10,000+ - Prior approval must be obtained from
Procurement Services.
• Sole/Single Source justification form can be found on the
Procurement Services website.
Exceptions to Full & Open
Venues & Products for Student Activities –
Examples include homecoming, prom & graduation
• Quotes should be obtained in writing and must meet all
school identified requirements.
• Agreement with vendor should specify price, time of
delivery/event, service/warranty requirements, any other
• Funds collected for these activities shall be expended for the
purpose of the activity.
Exceptions to Full & Open
Professional Services: Contracted professional
services such as architectural, engineering, consultative
or advisory services can be selected from a source
identified as providing the expertise and availability on
the particular topic at the discretion of the applicable
Department Head. Prior Procurement approval is not
The Director of Procurement Services may challenge use
of exceptions to full and open competition.
Unauthorized Purchases
An Unauthorized Purchase is a purchase made without
regard to purchasing procedures and guidelines.
Violation of the Purchasing Procedures outlined in Board
Policy DI, Fiscal Accounting and Reporting.
Ratification of an Unauthorized
An Unauthorized Purchase may be ratified for payment
utilizing the Ratification Form located on the
Procurement Services website. The following
information must be provided:
• Benefit
• Propriety of Purchase
• Availability of Funds
• Fair and Reasonable Price
Prohibition on Order Splitting
Splitting purchases to circumvent purchasing guidelines
is prohibited.
A violation of purchasing procedures.
May delay approval of your purchase and therefore delay
delivery of product(s) or service(s).
Things to Remember
Always check the Contract List before making a purchase.
Adhere to Competition Thresholds ($ limits).
CCSD does not have an “approved” vendor list. Only
vendors under active contract are “approved.” The
majority of vendors in the CCSD database are not under
active contract.
Beware of Phone Scams – especially for ink/toner and
promotional items
Things to Remember
Beware of vendors who call & actively solicit your
business. Vendors already under contract will not do
this. When in doubt – send them to Procurement!
Use the Vendor Performance Evaluation located on the
Procurement website to report both positive and negative
vendor issues.
Thoroughly inspect goods before entering a Receiver.
Vendor Relationships
It is acceptable and even recommended to gain
knowledge from the business community when
purchasing non-contract items, however:
• Proceed with caution.
• Public perception should ALWAYS be a consideration.
• Advise vendor(s) up front that any consultative services
provided are for research purposes only and will not be
• Advise vendor(s) that providing information does not
guarantee them the business.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who should I contact to enter a new vendor into the
vendor database?
• [email protected] Include company name, address,
phone, fax, tax ID #, email address and contact person in
order for your request to be processed.
What if my P-Card is lost or stolen?
• Notify Bank of America immediately at 1-888-449-2273.
Do I need to contact Procurement for every purchase I
• No. Please refer back to the Competition Thresholds for
guidelines concerning non-bid purchases.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who do I contact with questions regarding charge codes?
• Contact the Budget Department.
Who do I contact with questions regarding invoices and
• Contact the Disbursements Services.
My PO has been rejected. Can’t the person who rejects it
simply fix the error?
• The financial system only allows the PO originator to correct
errors. Click on the “edit” link to see why the PO was
rejected, make the corrections and resubmit. All levels of
approval including Pend 1 must be applied again.
Procurement Services Staff
Jill Vestal
Assistant Director
Gary Blount
Purchasing Agent
Elaine Bynum
Purchasing Agent
Chris McSpadden
Purchasing Agent
Barbara Bates
Senior Buyer
June Wolfenbarger
Senior Buyer
Franklin Lawson
Senior Buyer
Jeanette Gray
Procurement Technician
Debra Reed
Procurement Technician
Dale Waldron
Procurement Technician
Procurement Clerk
Alisa Morningstar
Debra Rae Hawkins
Damaris (Dee) Whyte
Get Familiar with the
Procurement Services Website
To access Procurement Services via the Intranet, go to the
Financial Services Portal homepage
( and click on the
“Purchasing” icon at the bottom of the page.
This site contains all Procurement related information
and forms you may need – Purchasing Regulations, Sole
Source, Vendor Performance, Request for Quote,
Ratification, etc.
CCSD Warehouse
Delivery of inter-District mail.
Delivery/pick-up of testing materials, textbooks, payroll.
Pick-up/redistribution of surplus furniture and
Complete a Surplus Property Form or Warehouse Service
Form, both located on the Procurement Services website, to
arrange pick-up of surplus.
Check the website for information on available surplus items.
Surplus Guidelines &
Arrange for the removal of excess equipment throughout
the year. (Check your closets!)
Do not stock pile excess items. It is much easier and
faster for warehouse staff to pick up a few items (possibly
even by mail route staff) than to arrange a larger pick up.
Having excess removed by year’s end or in the month
after school is out will allow you to concentrate on the
new year and the returning students -- and avoid safety
Surplus Guidelines &
Always check warranty dates of equipment.
Occasionally technology items deemed surplus are in
need of repair and under warranty.
Other times, an item is not being utilized and could be
transferred to another location for use rather than
declaring it excess.
Warehouse does not pick up warrantied property.
Warehouse does not move working technology.
CCSD Warehouse
Contact information:
Warehouse Main Office
Warehouse FAX
Howard Siggelko
Assistant Director
Joe Gravely
David Banks
Other Related Contacts
Kevin Long
Testing Materials
Textbook Coordinator
Student Assessment
Property Control Supervisor
CCSD Records Center
Coordinates transfer of records from
schools/departments for retention or destruction in
compliance with applicable policies and laws.
Refer to CCSD Administrative Rule EHB for complete
information on handling records.
Contact Records Management at 770-514-3872 with
additional records questions.

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