How to Create Banner and LeaderBoard for Your TpT Store

Dress Up Your Store.
Add a
Profile Page Banner and Leaderboard.
Dear Fellow Teacher-Sellers,
Thank you for downloading this tutorial. In a matter of a
few minutes , your store will be dressed up like mine. You
can make one for your store if you let me teach you how to
do it. I made it easy for you.
Click image to view my store.
TpT requires a leader board to be 90 pixels X 706 pixels. The
long box below has approximately (if cropped properly will
be exact) 90 pixels X 706 pixels when converted to JPEG and
The actual work slide is at page 11. DO NOT change the
size of the box. Adjust the contents that you will add in it
I chose my leader board to have a colored/textured
Choose one for your leaderboard. You may choose a
background in Format Background box. Try different
options until you hit the color/texture you want.
By the way, to go the Format Background box, right-click in
any part of the slide, scroll down and select Format
Once you have a background color/texture/picture, you may
copy-paste any image and insert statements that will fit in
the area.
Like my leaderboard, I include my seller ID image and
something that I want my prospect buyers to know. It should
be something like a banner that would direct buyers to a
particular product page or in any page you assign (hyperlink).
Play with font types, colors and sizes until you come up with
something you think people will notice. Consider color
contrast and its visual appeal.
Now that you’re through filling out a leader board area with
images, icons or catchy statements, you are ready to convert
Click the Office Button on the left corner of your screen.
Then,” Save As”. Type the filename you assign to your
document. Change” Save as type” to JPEG. Then, click
“Current Slide Only”.
You may zoom
in to enlarge
the view.
Cropping the JPEG File to Meet TPT Requirement
Open the converted PPT slide to JPEG. It should only be one
Right-click it and click “Open With”. Then, choose Microsoft
Office Picture Manager.
Now, let’s CROP it!
Move the cropping lines on the four sides of the image
toward the edges of the leaderboard frame. (Don’t know the
right tech term for them.) After moving the lines, it should
look like the one below.
After cropping your image (leaderboard) to the required
pixelage, click “Save”.
It is now READY for uploading to your store!
Link your particular product page to your leaderboard. HOW?
Open your TpT account in another browser page. (Now, you
have two (2) TpT pages open). Go to the particular
item/product page where you want to link your leaderboard
with. Highlight the URL and Ctrl+C (Copy). Go back to the
upload section in the other TpT Page. In “Enter Link”, Press
Ctrl+V (Paste). Then “Save Pages”.
Excited how your leaderboard is going to look like when
already in your store’s main page?
Hmmm… You may have to wait for a few hours before you
see it in your store. TpT admin has to approve it before it
appears in your store. Enjoy!
Move the lines
toward the LB when
Create your leaderboard on this page. You may just change the contents of
the box. It’s alright even if you save/concert the page with these
instructions. You’ll get rid of this when you crop it.
Teacher-Seller M’s Store
See on
sale items!
Make sure you are in this page when you save your JPEG. Don’t forget to
select “Current Slide Only”.
Remember that your leader board should be 90 X 706 pixels.
It should be easier for you now to create a banner after
working on your leaderboard.
TpT requires that a banner should be 160 x 200 pixels. The
actual banner area is in the box below.
Dress Up Your
Create A Banner
Leaderboard for
Your Profile
Page for FREE
The actual work slide is in the NEXT slide. DO NOT change the size of the box.
Adjust the contents that you will add in it instead.
Like in leaderboard, choose your color or texture background you want for your
banner. To do it, right-click within the banner area and click Format Background.
After choosing your background, insert the message or image you want to
include. (It must be directly related to the product you want to link to your
Once finished, save this slide as a JPEG file. Crop it until you get 160 x 200 pixels.
Go back to the instructions in creating leaderboard for instructions on how to
crop and upload your banner.
Dress Up Your
Create A Banner
Leaderboard for
Your Profile
Page for FREE
It is alright to save
this slide in JPEG
even with all these
instructions. You’ll
remove them when
you crop the photo
The actual work slide is in the last slide. DO NOT change the size of the box.
Adjust the contents that you will add in it instead.

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