The City of Ember Chapters 9 - 11

Literary Devices
Understanding the effect of irony and similes
in literature
Irony is a contrast between expectation and
reality. Dramatic irony occurs when the
reader knows something a character does not
What is ironic about Lina using blue to color
the sky in her picture?
The author uses similes to describe illness. Rewrite each
of the following examples using literal language without
similes. (In other words, what does the simile really
…he [Lina’s father] seemed to grow dim like a lamp
losing power, and the sound of this breathing was like
water gurgling through a clogged pipe.
It [Granny’s pulse] was fluttery, like a moth that has hurt
itself and is flapping in crooked circles.
Why do you think the author uses similes instead of
literal language for these passages?

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