9.13.2012 Presentation

Updates, Refresher and Reminders
September 13, 2012
Rules update / NJSIAA clarifications
 May a goalkeeper wear non-prescription
 Ruling – YES, so long as they are not for
Rules update / clarifications
 A girls JV player is too large to comfortably wear
a uniform jersey from her team’s set. May she
wear a slightly different one borrowed from the
boys team?
Ruling – YES.
Rules update / clarifications
 May a player have extra padding / tape on the
outside of his shoe / sock?
 Ruling – YES, provided it does not present a
danger to the wearer or any opponent (i.e.
nothing ‘hard’ inside)
Rules refresher – restarts after an injury
The BIG question - Why was the play stopped?
 Ball had already crossed a boundary line
(touchline, goal line).
 Restart with throw-in, goal kick, corner kick,
kick off, as appropriate.
 Play was stopped for a foul
 Restart with IFK or DFK, as per the foul
 Play was stopped solely due to the injury
 No clear possession – drop ball
 Clear possession – IFK
 WHERE THE BALL WAS, not at the spot of
the injury
Rules refresher - Offside
 A player in an offside position is not penalized
when receiving the ball directly from a throw-in
or corner kick.
 A deflection off of a defender does NOT create
an infringement by the attacker
 A deflection off of a teammate DOES create an
 A player in an offside position SHOULD BE
penalized when they become involved in play and
gain an advantage from being in the offside
Rules refresher – Kicks from the mark
 During the regular season, a match that is tied at
the end of two 10 minute overtime periods
remains a tie. No kicks.
 However, if a tournament (Coaches Cup) has
received permission from NJSIAA to use kicks to
determine who will advance, then conduct the
Reminder – Conflicts of Interest
 If you are “not sure” if a conflict of interest
exists, then you have one.
 Situations to avoid:
 Son or daughter on the team
 Son or daughter playing different level for the
school/school district
 You work for the district
 Working varsity matches within the
Conference your son/daughter plays
 You have an “axe to grind” with a coach
 Others?
Reminder – Respect is a Two-Way Street
 How can you expect respect when you do not
give it?
 “Young lady” or “Young man”
 Ma’am or Sir (preferred)
 Remember, you are facilitating THEIR game, they
are not playing in YOUR game
Reminder – Know your limits
 Are you physically able to run two tough matches
in one day?
 Are you physically able to run ONE tough match?
 Are you ready for the “game of the week”?
 Be honest with yourself and with our assignors.
Taking games that are beyond your capability is a
dis-service to your employer (the school), the
players, and the sport. And, it’s not much fun!
Team Work and Communication
 There are three teams on the field – two
opponents and the officiating crew.
 Your partner is your ONLY friend for the match.
 So, when a Coach complains about a call or is
pleading for a foul call:
 DO NOT “sell out” your partner
 “That’s HIS call” or “that’s NOT my call”
 These imply you are not a team, that your
partner is incompetent, that they are not
willing to make the difficult call.
 Proper responses could be:
 “Coach, we will keep an eye on it”
 “Coach, I heard you, that’s enough”
Penalty Kicks Revisited
• “When all about you are
losing their heads …”
• Stop the clock, take a
breath and SLOW DOWN.
• Communication is key.
• Lead – whistles the restart;
observes GK infringement;
ball crossing the end line
• Trail – ensures players are
10 yds. from ball; observes
for improper kick/stopping;
observes encroachment
• Make eye contact with your
partner before every restart
Is it Foul? Or is it Nothing?
Question of the Day
 What is the restart when a large bird lands on the
pitch, opts to die and play has to be suspended?
 Stoppage of play for an inadvertent whistle,
interference by an outside agent …
 … restart with IFK for team in possession at the
time of the stoppage …
 … restart with drop ball if neither team is in
possession at the time of the stoppage …
 … restart at the spot the ball was located at the
time of the stoppage – unless the ball was in the
goal area.
Reminder – Future SJSOA Meetings
 Monday October 1, 2012
 Tuesday October 23, 2012
 End of Season Banquet – Monday November 5,

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