Digital Strategy Presentation
June 2012
HealthCare Market Analysis
About Narayana hospital
Analysis of consumer behaviour
Digital Marketing strategy
Engagement Concepts
Lead Generation
Healthcare Market
Healthcare industry in India is worth $17 billion and is anticipated to grow by 13% every year
Notable Trends in the Indian Healthcare Sector
Recent trends: GIS tracking system on ambulances, 24x7 emergency number, Air Ambulance service, tieups with Insurance companies for Cashless facility
Key Issues of Concerns- Consumer Perceptions
Quality of Service
• There is a need for a clear projection and
assurance of quality
Lack of Healthcare Infrastructure
• The healthcare infrastructure especially in the
smaller cites is still poor and needs to be improved
Availability Of Able Doctors
• Availability of able doctors and treatment is
still absent in smaller cities
Emergency Care & Attention
• One of the major concerns is immediate attention by
doctors and minimum formalities prior to treatment
Blood Bank and In-house Test Facilities
• Narayana Hrudayalaya, headquartered in Bangalore, is one of
India's largest multi-specialty hospital chains.
• The Bangalore cardiac unit of Narayana Hrudayalaya is one of
the world's largest paediatric heart hospitals.
• It is the brainchild of the renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Devi
Shetty. Narayana Hrudayalaya also receives patients from
outside India, and it has created a record of performing nearly
15,000 surgeries on patients from 25 foreign countries
• It is also a renowned centre for telemedicine and it offers this
service free of cost
• It is building large hospitals across India totalling 30,000 beds,
to enable it to gain large economies of scale and bargain down
the cost of supplies to the hospitals.
Current challenges
faced on the Website
• No brand cohesiveness between the main website
and the other hospitals websites
• Information and Navigation not user friendly
• Lack of interactivity
• Look and feel not at par with international standards
• In today’s word of increasing internet penetration
and globalization, digital presence is gaining a lot
of significance in defining preferences
• The medium if leveraged well can be highly
• NH’s current digital presence is inadequate and
this presentation will detail recommendations for
the same
Digital Marketing Objective
Make Narayana Hospital available for discovery on
search engines, relevant sites for relevant keyword
searches and context.
Position Narayana as a leading healthcare
brand and help it become a national player
Make us the first choice for specialized medical needs
( Cancer, Cardio, Dental , etc)
Highlight our differentiators and generate preference
Become a success story in healthcare marketing
To communicate a differentiated positioning through Strategic
Marketing Communication
Digital Marketing Strategy
Through a variety of digital tools including
Interactive Websites
Search Engine Optimization/Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Social Media
Relevant digital media visibility like emailers, news portals,
and portals with medical content
Ensure relevant visibility on active and passive
searches for NH and its hospitals
Advertising Objectives
• Design a website that caters to different needs of
different stakeholders
• Make the website easy to navigate
• Integrate all branches of Narayana Hospital under
one roof
• Build a brand synergy among the main website
and all the microsites
• Showcase features and differentiators of the
• Aid evaluation through experience like videos,
gallery, Dr Profiles, data relevant to international
patients, etc
• Give option to people to set appointments online
Advertising Objectives
• Be available for discovery for relevant searches
• Branding through Google ads, SEO listings
• Integrate all digital platforms under SEO with
relevant back links
• Have all blog posts, patient testimonials,
information on the hospital, website, social
media pages and online PRs appear for relevant
keyword searches
• Run promotions through text ads
• Improve brand recall through contextual ads
• SEM shall have ad visibility for search terms
that do not show SEO results
Advertising Objectives
• Seed positive posts about Narayana Hospitals, its
credentials, success stories, Doctors, etc on various
forums and relevant sites
• Address all enquiries about the hospital on forums
• Neutralize negative comments on review portals
and prevent spread of bad word of mouth
• Build a platform for participation through social
media and apps
• Engage fan base with contests, polls, information,
• Create Preference through SMO activities and
build brand loyalty
• Allow word of mouth publicity through sharing of
content, pictures etc
Visitor Profile to the Website & What They Seek
• Patient care Education
• Updates/ Notifications
• Doctor Profiles
• Medication
• Information on ailments, treatments
• Posts by fellow patients
• Following Doctors, Surgeries
• Future employment
Consulting Doctors
Family/ Friend
• Clinical trials
• Foray in research
• Testimonials
• Doctor profiles
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
– It is the process of improving the visibility of a
website or a web page in search engines'
"algorithmic"), search results.
Why is it important?
– 85% of all traffic on the internet is referred to
by Search Engines.
– 90% of all users don’t look past the first 30
results (most only view top 10).
– 59% adults use internet for health and
wellness information.
– Improving on Search result indexing, it helps in
reaching out to people who are specifically
seeking for our information and products.
– Regular listings on search results for relevant
searches improves Brand Recall and establishes
an online reputation.
What & Why?
Search Trends
Online activity revolves
symptoms and diseases.
84% of health searchers turning to online social
spaces to educate themselves about a disease or a
Customer feedback is on of the main factors that
influence people on the choice of hospitals.
Therefore- to have blogs and patient testimonial
videos appear in the top ranks for relevant
keywords searches will help bring forth the hospital
and its benefits.
Therefore, all keywords related to health care, symptoms, cures, lifestyle tips etc shall be used
to showcase the corresponding Narayana hospital website pages
Online PR
We will integrate all activities across various digital platforms under SEO
SEO Keyword
Strategy Diagram
for website
Our USPs, Accreditations, News & Events
Brand Keywords
Generic Keywords
(Hospitals, Top, Best, Location
etc.) keywords
Dental hrudayalayadental.html
Research Page
Specialities Related Keywords
Testimonial Page
Disease-Cure related keywords
Social media Pages
Search for hospitals location wise
Searches by International Patients
International patients page
SEO Keyword
Strategy Diagram
for Online PR,
Blogs, Social Media
Blogs by patients undergoing treatment for
corresponding ailment
Success stories of people who have
survived Chemotherapy, etc
Online PR
Disease & treatment related
Articles about successful heart surgeries
undergone at Narayana, etc
Social Media
Searches about maintaining
good health, living life with
diabetes, etc
Facebook page- posts/ discussion on the
Website- blogs
Searches for best hospital for
cancer treatment, etc
Posts made by in-house Doctors , Expert
speak blogs on related topics
Website- testimonials
Video testimonials by patients about
Online PR
Article about Narayana wining the Best
hospital award, or winning maximum votes
for “ Favourite Hospital”
Blog topics related to Research on
popular ailments like Arthritis, etc,
Health and lifestyle diet tips, etc all
will be integrated with SEO for
relevant keywords.
Example: Refer blog posts on varied
range of topics by Cleveland Clinic
• Video blogs of patients who have had or know a loved one
who has had successful surgeries in the hospital, review
• Written reviews of the same: Testimonials can speak
favorably about certain doctors, the smooth sailing during
treatment and surgeries, facilities, service etc
Integrate all blogs and testimonials with relevant keywords through SEO
Online PR
What is Online PR?
– Broadcast of articles, pictures about the hospital,
cures found for certain diseases, etc across a
network of websites.
– Depending on the relevancy of the content and
potential – other website and news portals pick up
the PR and post the same on their platform.
What & Why?
Why is it important?
– Improves brand recall
– Reader is able to connect stories of technological
advancement in healthcare, cure, prevention, CSR
activities, etc with the hospital brand.
Content for Online PR
Trivia or little known facts about diseases, their prevention, etc. These online PRs can
be released with comments made by expert doctors from Narayana Hospital
Eg:-PR mentioning Fortis Hospital in the article- ”iPhone helps in knee surgeries”,
“Blood test predicts heart attacks.”
Successful surgeries, operations made in Narayana Hospitals
Eg: A press article released by Fortis: “3 time failed hip replacement successfully
corrected by Fortis Hospital..”
Advancement in technology –” Minimal invasive ( keyhole) heart surgery”
Eg: PR of an Oklahoma Heart surgeon in the Houston Chronicle
SEO results will be made
to appear with relevant
site links to different
pages on the website,
and social media pages
This will increase brand
recall, probability of
quality score of SEO
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM results- text ads
Contextual adstext ads
Banner ads that
run contextually
Contextual Text and Banner ads help in brand awareness, brand recall
Google Search:
Online Behavior
Direct Competition
Searches for Competitor
hospitals like Apollo
Hospital, Fortis, Cleveland
Clinic, etc.
Keywords related to
hospitals, doctors
Brand Keywords
Category Keywords
Keywords related to the
symptoms, diseases, cures
Keywords related to
techniques of cure
Indirect Competition
Searches for tips on lifestyle,
diets, weight loss, ayurvedic
treatment, health insurance
All the traffic
generated through
reaching the
website ,will be
through the ReMarketing
through banners
and mailers
It is important to maintain a constant presence in the
mind of the TG to improve brand recall and ROI
Through Google Remarketing strategy All visitors to the
website shall be re-targeted through banner ads on all
sites covered under the Google Network
Submits a lead/
Mailer: About the hospital,
specialized centers, patient
Landing page/ Website
Leaves the page
Banners: Contextually targeted
across various websites
ORM ( Online Reputation Management)
Objective of
• To Seed positive posts and information on
various sites
• To improve brand awareness and visibility
through the above
• To neutralize any negative comments made
against Narayana Hospitals
Positive comment and
We will make posts and
plant relevant links to
the website and other
social media pages and
blogs of Narayana in
about “ most suitable
hospital for cancer
treatment in India”, etc
Positive comment
and seeding:
On review portals,
we will also make
posts posing as
patients who have
treatment at the
hospital and make
with respect to
certain doctors, etc
Neutralizing negative comments and addressing :
Few negative reviews floating in the digital space will be tackled with appropriate
responses, post consultation with Narayana hospital team.
Addressal of such posts helps to mitigate further domino effect and shows people that the
hospital is proactive with regard to engagement with old patients.
Negative review
on Mouth shut
about rude staff
at the hospital
SMO ( Social Media Optimization)
Who will be with us on Social Media?
Audience who join during a campaign, contest etc. A
small percentage of them may join the Observer and
Patron Category
Have heard of the hospital, and would
like to be in touch for future references.
May include students, doctors, patient
relatives, vendors etc.
Employees, Doctors,
Vendors, friends /family
who have
Social Media Strategy
Take a cause and
promote it
• Healthy Heart
• Cancer week
• Sparkly Teeth
Informative, yet
• Healthy Living: Eating right, exercise,
engaging page for the tips, a series on keeping all parts of
your body fit
• Fun facts about health, treatments,
home made remedies, cures, etc
• Achievements, successful surgeries,
testimonials , doctor’s blogs
Reach, Listen, Learn, Respond,
Engage, Entertain, Influence
Social Media
Listen, Respond, Engage,
Share, Influence
Share Content, PRs, posts by
Doctors and Experts, information
on technological advancements,
Share videos, reviews, testimonials
Generic posts to engage fans
with lifestyle, diet tips for
healthy living
Run polls and “ Did you Know”
series to improve interactivity
and discussion with fan base
Social Media : CSR
Use NGOs as a driver of
this medium
We can also use social
media to generate a lot of
good will for the Hospital
Use ‘Cause of equitable
distribution of healthcare
for all’ and invite NGOs to
participate in discussions
on Facebook and Blogs
Use Online PR to
complement this activity
To improve engagement with Patrons and build a strong Brand Loyalty
and Word of Mouth, we recommend broadcasting regular round of
Newsletters to all subscribers: Employees, Corporates, Patients, Family
and Friends of patients, Doctors, Consulting Doctors, Students, etc.
The newsletter should encompass news, technological advancements in
healthcare, Narayana Hospital’s success stories, etc.
The Newsletters can be integrated in a sleek Flip Book Format
A good example is the DLF Foundation newsletter that throws light upon their CSR
initiatives in various spheres.
Media Usage
• Emailer activity to
• Corporates
• Students
• Health conscious individuals on health & lifestyle portals
• Banners
• Horizontal Portals
• Business and News portals
• Finance Portals
Engagement Ideas
Concept #1
Build virtual community of people with similar
ailments ( Community of Cancer survivors)
Example- Vikram hospital- Blogs by epileptic
patients( “ I am 34 years old- have epilepsy
since 5 years)”
International hospitals have Virtual Alcoholic
Anonymous communities
Concept #2
Medication Reminder App
Walgreens has a medication app which provides patients with a number of tools for
medication adherence. It's estimated that about half of their patients aren’t able to
stick to their medication regimens.
This feature currently generates more than 40% of all Walgreens online refills and
accounts for more transactions than any other feature within the app.
A similar app can be developed for Narayana hospital patients
Concept #3
Symptom calculator
Have an app that allows people to input their symptoms and problems
to diagnosis the disease.
They can call the doctor or make an appointment for further
information and advice.
Concept #4
Have “cancer” week and other theme based weeks- Webinars by Doctors
on the various subjects.
Webinar can be streamed live on YouTube- integrate the same on
facebook .
Process of Lead Collection
The user details are captured
A monthly newsletter will be sent to all the leads collected
with updates and the new features of the hospital
Media Mughal
All leads are captured through our proprietary
This tool helps analyze the number of
enquiries received from the various portals,
thus helping us optimize the campaign
Narayana Hospitals has complete access to the
tool to be able to view and address the
enquiries on a real time basis
Thus, Online Precision Marketing leads to Branding amongst the
right audience resulting in a higher recall value
Thank You!

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