PrinterAdmin Print Release
Station 3.0
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“Spend less time managing your printing costs and more time managing your profit”
CZ Solution, Inc
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station 3.0 is print management
software, best-suited ultimate print control solution for
libraries / schools / colleges / universities of low budget,
where print jobs hold and release is centralized and unwanted
print is restricted. It also can be used by business for secure
printing. Printing expenditure is brought down by charging for
their patrons / students printing and copying; best
management of resources, reducing accidental paper wastage
and abusive printing and copying. This software tool has
proved fruitful for many organizations to save unwanted
printing cost. CZ Print Release Station 3.0 has proved fruitful
for many educational facilities to automate and simplify the
administration of printing and save unwanted printing costs.
CZ Solution, Inc
Features & Benefits
Reduces wasted printing by 35% - 50%.
Hold all print jobs until they are released manually.
Release the print jobs from any location.
Designed for libraries / schools / colleges / universities of all sizes.
Pay for printing and pay for copying.
Secure printing.
Support all brands of printers.
Support Windows Active Directory Authentication.
Support prepaid account, coin, bill and card payments.
Support kiosk with touch screen.
Allow to preview the content of holding jobs before releasing
Automatically cancels unclaimed print jobs.
Password and privacy protection.
Print Job popup notification.
100 reports designed for your print cost analysis and billing.
CZ Solution, Inc
Automated Hold, Manual Release Print Jobs
Print jobs are kept on hold until released manually by student,
patron staff or employee. The simple interface provided by the
software supports staff operation, unattended services operation in
various modes:
Staff Mode - By Users;
Staff Mode - By Workstations;
User Mode - By Users;
User Mode - By Workstations;
User Mode with Login.
All the modes for users and workstations have common fields
displaying user name, computer name, print job description, pages,
cost, submitted, printer, color and paper size. User Mode with Login
is provides more secure print environment with user ID login.
CZ Solution, Inc
Print Anywhere
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station 3.0 allows students or patrons to
release their print jobs from any print station, may be master or slave
print station.
CZ Solution, Inc
Payment Options
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station 3.0 provides best, cost effective payment
solution. It supports the prepaid account payment. The self-support payment
collection by coins, cards, bill self-service systems are most suitable. The
staff can also collect the payment manually and release the print jobs for
patrons / students without using self payment equipments.
CZ Solution, Inc
Print Preview
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station allows to preview print content before
releasing job for printing. In case the user is not satisfied with page layout,
page size, content fit, he/she can cancel the print job.
CZ Solution, Inc
Print Accounting
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station 3.0 allows the administrator set
pre-defined charges for print jobs to improve management print
resources. Charges can be set for each printer and based on number
of pages, monochrome/color, single/duplex, and paper size (includes
68 standard paper sizes and 40 definable paper sizes).
CZ Solution, Inc
Print Quotas
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station 3.0 is used for printing quota software
accounting. This feature allows to set values to stop printing if single print job
exceeds admin defined maximum number of pages. This software also allows
to define / set values for maximum print per day and set free printing for per
day / per term / per person.
CZ Solution, Inc
Automatically Cancels Unclaimed Print Jobs
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station 3.0 can cancel all waiting and unclaimed
print jobs automatically at admin defined time.
CZ Solution, Inc
Password and privacy protection
When a print job is submitted, a dialog window can popup to allow the user to
change the print job name on the user's workstation for privacy, and / or create a
password that the user will use to release that print job on the print release station.
It also allows the users to create a user id for their print jobs that they can use to
show only their print jobs on the print release station. This feature can be used for
the environment that students / patrons use their own laptops to print or the user
id may be duplicated.
CZ Solution, Inc
Popup Notification
The pop-up notification for print confirmation can be send to students or
patrons for confirming their print job details on their Windows, Mac OSX /
Classic, or Linux workstations. The students or patrons may cancel the print
order on the popup notification window.
CZ Solution, Inc
Any-Language Reports
PrinterAdmin Print Release Station 3.0 includes reporting tool allowing you to
generate 100 reports including 64 default reports and 36 customized reports
in any language that can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel and rich text
formats, sent by email automatically and viewed from the web browser. The
Reports are designed for your print cost analysis and client billing.
CZ Solution, Inc

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