If only………
By Year 3/4 CY
If only the litter on the ground had
legs so it could walk its way to the
bin to make our school the finest
and cleanest in the village.
If only at night the clouds were
candy floss so I could have a
midnight feast when ever I wanted.
If only the patio was a dance floor
that I could party all night on.
If only the drain was a Frisbee me
and my friend would have endless
If only I could have a pen that
writes all my work while I relax.
If only love would never end the
taste would never die.
If only rain drops tasted like
sweets we could drink it all time.
If only the books in the class room
could sing the words I wouldn’t
have to read the book.
If only the football goals were nets
that could capture happiness and
good memories.
If only my water bottle was a
rocket that could fly me to space.
If only the swimming pool was a
Jacuzzi I would be relaxing all day.

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