Product Descriptions CSC/CSI 3 Part Specifications

Product Descriptions
CSC/CSI 3 Part Specifications
Manufacturers’ Sales Tools
Targeted to Design Consultants
and Specifiers
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What are product descriptions?
What are CSC/CSI 3 part specs?
Why are they important?
Why should I provide them?
When do I use them?
Product Descriptions
We define ‘Product Descriptions’ as:
“A summary document of all the product information that will be included in a
Project Manual.”
It is characterized by:
Being written in point form
Following the CSC/CSI 3 part specification as outlined in ProductFORMAT,
complementary to CSC/CSI MasterFORMAT standard.
Containing all the information required for bidding purposes
Being useful at all stages of the project development process from the
conceptual stage to the final selection of the product of choice.
Product Descriptions
Can be used by a large number
of players from the conceptual
stage of the project development
process to final product selection.
Significantly reduces the time of all players
to find essential, relevant, information.
Product Descriptions
What do the multiple users need?
Just the facts man! Just the facts!
No fuss; no marketing hype; no pretty pictures.
But how? What?...........................................
Product Descriptions
To the Rescue:
The Construction Specifications Canada
(CSC) format standard specifically
developed for Product Descriptions.
» Follows the same 3 part format as product specifications
» Includes the same information available in specifications
Ensures information can be found quickly, and efficiently.
Product Specifications
• A document developed for use in Project Manuals
that has been standardized for content and format
according to industry standards for the commercial
construction industry.
Is written according to industry consensus “Standards of Practice” and Format
Standards developed for the commercial construction industry in US/Canada.
Contains all the information required to build a structure when accompanied
by the contract documents, drawings, and associated schedules.
Used for bidding purposes.
Is legally binding if litigation occurs.
Product Specifications:
Standards of Practice
Standards of Practice:
A number of conventions that have voluntarily been accepted by the industry
as “standards of practice” for the development of product specifications include:
Language: the imperative mood
Include only enforceable statements
Adhere primarily to one of three approaches to writing specifications:
Proprietary, Descriptive, and //////////.
Product Specifications:
Format Standards
“Everything in one location and one location only.”
Established numbered Divisions, Sections, and Subcategories that classify all
activities and products for the development of specifications within a Project Manual.
Established the structure of each Section of the Product Specification into 3 parts,
and the information to be included.
Defines the page format to be used for each section of the Project Manual.
All three consensus standards documents have been voluntarily developed jointly by:
Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) and Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) in the United States
Why is this Important to
One Project Manual includes over 300 product
specifications. Producing them is time consuming.
Let your potential customers know you have a
current, accurate product specification and they will
use it. Wouldn’t you!
Follow the rule: Use it once – use it twice! From
your perspective, the more frequently your
specification – which sets the bar for the quality of
the materials that are acceptable for the project – is
used, the more likely the specifier is to use your
specification again. Thus increasing the odds that
you will be the successful bidder.
Why is this Important to
Risk management a priority?
Of course it is!
If litigation occurs, you have ensured that the information
on your product is current, accurate, and comprehensive.
Can the courts ask for more?
Product Descriptions and Specifications:
integral to your Marketing Plan.
Include them in hard cover product manuals.
Hand them out to prospects on CD’s.
Place them on your website.
Use them in calls/presentations.
Include them as part of your sales “tool box”.
Advertise their availability in your brochures.
Your hosts at are:
Digicon Information Incorporated
Construction Specifications Canada (CSC)
CSC promotes standards of practice and education for key players in the commercial construction
Digicon Information develops and promotes excellence in document development for the commercial
construction industry.
Check us out at and
Contact Geri Watson at [email protected]; 519.712.9509
Our Seal Program reassures specifiers that the information is current, accurate, and complete.

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