Context Clues

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• Basic Competency :
The students are able to develop their ability of understanding the
reading skills in English text
• Topic
: Reading Strategies
• Sub topic
: Guessing Meaning from Context and
Imperative Sentence
• Meeting
: 9th
Competencies and Indicators
Able to makes some
effective use of context
clues to define the word (
inferring meaning reflects
some connection to the
context, but this
connections is incomplete
or entirely not clear)
Able to use most context
clues to infer word
meaning, but may miss
some of the subtler clues
Able to use all context
clues are utilized
effectively in defining
the word and use subtle
clues from the text to
infer word meaning
Guessing Meaning from Context
Most writers leave context
clues as they write. It is
our job as the reader to
hunt them down!
Context Clues
There are 4 main types of Context Clues
The 4 Types
Rewording the word.
Giving its Synonym.
Giving its Antonym.
Giving us Details about the word.
Context Clues - Rewording
Rewording is when the author
says the word in another way,
that is typically easier to
Context Clues - Rewording
What does the word
resentment mean in this
Let’s Look at an Example:
Resentment , a feeling of bitterness and anger, is often felt by
people who are passed over for promotions.
Context Clues - Synonym
A writer sometimes uses synonym context
clues to help with hard words. A synonym
context clue is one or two words that mean
almost the same as the one that the author
does not expect us to know.
Context Clues - Synonym
What does the word aloof
mean in this sentence?
Let’s Look at an Example:
The young girl was very aloof. She always seemed unsociable,
unapproachable, and uninterested
Context Clues - Antonym
Antonym context clues often take a little more detective work to
Lets Go Find
Those Clues!
Context Clues - Antonym
The word BUT tells us that the
two parts of the sentence
represent opposite points of
view about Dianna
See this example:
Dianna appeared to be a very moral
and upstanding young lady, those
who knew her knew that she was
Context Clues - Details
A writer is using details as context clues
when they give us explanations or
examples as hints about the word that
they don’t think we will know.
Context Clues - Details
• The Details that are examples of
the unknown word.
• Details that tell why the unknown
word has taken place.
• Details that explain how the word
relates to other things the author
has stated.
There are several
different kinds of
Context Clues that
are Details.
Context Clues - Details
Look at this example:
Father was ecstatic because Joshua
decided to go to the college that he
wanted him to.
What does the
word ecstatic mean
in this sentence?
Imperative Sentence
At the beginning of a sentence
•Check the pins
•Open the ZIF sockets
•Leave your hardware in these bags
In the middle of a sentence
• After you lock CPU into place, take the retention clips on either side
of the CPU fan
• If you really need to lean on it, though, check to be sure the chip is
installed correctl
Non Imperative Sentence
To build a house, you will need a lot of materials
To start cooking, you have to prepare the ingredients first
Imperative Sentence
The subject in this sentence is ‘You’
the verb is V-inf
- (You) Open the door, please!
- (You) Check the pins
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