New Zealand Refugee Resettlement Strategy overview

New Zealand Refugee Resettlement
Strategy – overview
• Strategy framework
– Vision
– Outcomes
– Governance
• Strategy implementation – Phase one
– Service mix
– Governance
– Success indicator measures
• Strategy implementation – Phase two
Strategy Framework – Vision
Refugees are participating fully and integrated
socially and economically as soon as possible so
they are living independently, undertaking the
same responsibilities, and exercising the same
rights as other New Zealanders and have a
strong sense of belonging to their own
community and to New Zealand
Strategy Framework – Outcomes
Outcome 1: Self-sufficiency
All working age refugees in paid employment or are supported by a family
member in paid work
Outcome 2: Participation
Refugees actively participate in New Zealand life and have a strong sense of
belonging to New Zealand
Outcome 3: Health and Wellbeing
Refugees and their families enjoy healthy, safe and independent lives
Strategy Framework – Outcomes
Outcome 4: Education
Refugee’s English language skills enable them to participate in education and
achieve qualifications and support them to participate in daily life
Outcome 5: Housing
Refugees live independently of government housing assistance in homes that
are safe secure, healthy and affordable
Strategy Framework - Governance
Ministers and Cabinet – agreed to Resettlement Strategy and first year
priorities for implementation. Reporting on outcomes and success indicators
Skilled and Safe Work Places DCE group – monitor implementation and
measures. Determine priorities for implementation of future phases
Senior Officials group – whole of government governance monitoring
progress and recommend priorities for future implementation
Key Stakeholder Reference Group – Up date on implementation, identify
strategic issues and provide input into future priorities
Refugee Communities – six monthly consultation to up date on
implementation, identify strategic issues and provide input into future
Strategy implementation – Phase one
• Changes to the mix of services covering prearrival, reception and resettlement in the
• Implement the governance arrangements
agreed by Government
• Undertake the baseline measures for success
Strategy implementation – Phase one
Service Mix
• Pre arrival
– Provide a DVD on working and living in New
– Provide fact sheets for each of the settlement
– Resettlement interviews to understand needs and
establish expectations
– Develop case reports to be used by resettlement
agencies in Mangere and in community
– Refugee resettlement regional intake plans
Strategy implementation – Phase one
Service Mix
• Reception
– Changes to the reception programme to place a
emphasis on both working and living in New Zealand
– Employment assessments undertaken
– Psychosocial assessments used to understand needs
and risks
– Settlement plans developed to guide services and
support required in the community
– Improved timetabling and scheduled arrivals to
maximise refugees participation in the programme
Strategy implementation – Phase one
Service Mix
• Resettlement in the community
– Regional intake plans to support resettlement
– New contract with the Red Cross focussed on
linking refugees to support in the community
– New orientation programme to build on reception
programme and provide a link to service support
– Provision of new furniture to refugee households
as part of new contract
Strategy implementation – Phase one
• Established Key Stakeholders Reference Group
in Wellington and Auckland – meets quarterly
• Established Senior Officials group – meets
• Reported to DCE’s Skilled and Safe Workplaces
Group – Approved phase 2 implementation
• Meetings with refugee communities and
providers – 6 monthly
Strategy implementation – Phase one
Success Indicator Measures
• Measure put in place for all agreed measures
covering all outcome areas, except
• Baseline measure completed for all measures
as at 1 July 2013
• Next set of measures due for Year to July 2014
Strategy implementation – Phase two
• English Language
Mapping of Services
Funding allocation
Information on provision
English language measure
• Offshore English language provision
• Revamped website
• Integrated data collection

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