The Paperless Classroom

Make your papers disappear!?!
The Paperless Classroom!
A presentation by Ronald Stephenson
& Stephanie Berridge
Why go paperless?
There’s a revolution going on in education,
and we are going to have to adapt quickly not as followers, but as leaders, if we still want
to be in this business 10 years from now.
- The Paperless Classroom (2010) Systems
Contractor News (18)10, 26
Why go paperless?
Compared with the traditional approach, the paperless
classroom pedagogical approach...exemplifies a wide range of
benefits to students, including:
- an anytime and anywhere learning environment where the
instructor’s assistance is only a couple of clicks away;
students’ questions are answered promptly
- a set of convenient tools to manage course materials and team
- strong knowledge management (KM) capabilities
- a transition to active and hands-on learning
- a learning community in which students feel always connected
- useful online skill sets that will prepare them for the digital
Fei Wang, J. (2010) Creating a paperless classroom with the best of two worlds. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies (21), 1-22.
Why go paperless?
The ability to use technology is a
graduation competency!
• College of Education - Use educational technology as an
instructional and management tool
• College of Health Professions - Access, use, and evaluate
information effectively and appropriately. Use technology to
effectively locate and communicate
• College of Social and Behavioral Sciences - Demonstrate effective
utilization of current technologies
So how do I “go paperless”?
• There are many different options available, but
since WU uses Blackboard, we will review a few
options available through this platform, such as:
Assignment Manager
Online Assessments
Discussion Board
Using Bb as a knowledge repository for students &
– Other options, including attendance, through
Assignment Manager
Student submission is time and date stamped
Instructor feedback is time and date stamped
No more lost papers
Feedback can be provided directly to My
Grades (student Gradebook on Blackboard)
So how do I set up an assignment to
be submitted through Assignment
• Click on the assignments tab on your course
homepage/create assessment/assignment
• Name your assignment and type the
instructions in the space provided
• Add a point value in the space provided
• Complete the availability information, add a
due date, and hit submit
• More complete training is available from our
Technology Training Department
Online assessments
• Overview of “how to” covered by another
• Works for any test format, but multiple choice
is preferable
• Grades are calculated by Blackboard when the
student hits submit
• Grades are entered into My
Grades/Gradebook automatically
• Saves time in calculating final grades
Possible student objections to using
Assignment Manager & Online
• I don’t know how!
• I don’t have the right hardware/software!
• I didn’t know this was a technology class!
Remove these objections!
• I don’t know how!
– Provide extra credit assignments that help
students learn how to use assignment manager
and how to take tests online
– “The Assignment Manager Test Drive”
– Practice Quiz
Assignment Manager Test Drive
Successful completion of this Assignment Manager Test Drive by Sunday, September 16, 2012 will earn
you five (5) extra credit points.
Please follow the instructions exactly to earn the extra credit points.
Here's what you need to do:
Please create a word file (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) and type "this is my assignment manager test drive" in the
file. Save the file under the file name "Assignment Manager Test Drive". Submit the file by clicking on
the phrase "Assignment Manager Test Drive" (the label for this section), clicking on the "Browse"
tab, choosing the file you just created and attaching it to Assignment Manager - it's like attaching a
file to an email. You will also see a place to write me a note to go along with your assignment. This is
optional. Once you have uploaded the file, click "submit".
After submitting the file, click on the "My Grades" tab, which is available on the course homepage, and
confirm that your assignment was submitted. Look for the green box with the white exclamation
point. This is the symbol of an assignment waiting to be graded and tells you that the file you
submitted was uploaded correctly. It does not guarantee that I can open the file.
After you have confirmed that your assignment was submitted successfully, please send me an email
from your WU email account with the subject line "Assignment Manager Test Drive
completed". Emails from non-WU email accounts are not acceptable. My email address is
[email protected] You don't have to send a message with this, but please type your name
and the class number (PHI 302) in the message area, since I can't always figure out who you are from
the email address. Once you have done this and we are both confident that you will be able to
successfully use Assignment Manager, I will add five (5) extra credit points to your grade.
Please remember: you must complete this assignment as presented by September 16, 2012 to earn the
extra credit points. If you complete this assignment after that date and/or do not complete the
assignment as described in this posting, you will not receive any extra credit points.
Practice Quiz
– 5 question multiple choice quiz with easy
questions about the class (i.e., what is the course
– the practice quiz questions can also be used to
reinforce course policies (i.e., what is the late
assignment submission policy for this class?)
– students can take the quiz multiple times
– the goal is for students to be comfortable taking
tests on Bb
Remove these objections!
• I don’t have the right hardware/software!
• Tech support can confirm if student
hardware/software is compatible with Bb
• Students are correct – not all file formats are
compatible with Bb. If the student does not have
Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx documents), the
student can convert Microsoft works (.wps)
documents to .rtf documents by choosing .rtf
format from the "save as" function.
Remove these objections!
• I didn’t know this was going to be a
technology class!
• Two ideas – First – Employer expectations
– Second – Graduation competency
• Once the grade is in the gradebook, it can’t get lost
• Student and instructor work is time and date stamped
• Instructors can provide feedback using the track
changes feature in Word & in the comments box in the
grading section
• Students can review instructor feedback at their
• Instructor and student can monitor progress
• Saves time in calculating final grades
Blackboard as a knowledge repository
• For Students
– Course outlines
– Course syllabi
– Discussion Boards
• Students tend to share (sometimes “over share”) more in
the perceived anonymity of the online environment
– Course materials
Web links
Blackboard as a knowledge repository
• For Faculty
– Bb organizations sites
• Place to store collected program and college knowledge
• Facilitates communication with faculty
• Facilitates course outline submission and review
Here’s what it looks like….and a quick
demo of how it’s done…
Assignment through assignment manager
Grading through the gradebook
Online Assessment
Discussion Board
Bb as a knowledge repository for students
Bb as a knowledge repository for faculty
Attendance (and other cool stuff) through

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