Year 3 Parents - Barnfield Primary School

Year 3 Meeting
On entering into the Juniors, all
children must wear a tie (unless
they are wearing a summer dress)
Children must also wear black shoes
(no black trainers).
Children may bring trainers to
change into at playtime and
lunchtime if they wish.
Book bags and P.E. Kits
To help keep all your child’s belongings
together, we do recommend that all
children bring a bag with them.
These must be brought to school with your
child every day.
The children will be told what days they
have P.E. at the start of the year,
We would advise that all children only take
their P.E. kit home at the end of each half
We have high expectations of the children’s
behaviour in the Juniors and they should be
following all school and class rules.
There will be positive reinforcements and
encouragement for the children to become
more independent and responsible.
Structure to the day
Children will go straight into the middle
playground, when they come in at 8.45am.
The bell will go at 8.55am and that is when the
children will line up outside their classroom door.
End of the day
At the end of the school day, children are walked
up to the infant playground.
This is where they will wait until they have been
collected by an adult.
Homework will be given out every night.
Extended Reading
Homework is very important as it
reinforces the curriculum and
enables us to see how much your
child has understood.
Children will be told on what day
their homework is due in.
Children will be encouraged to fill in
their Homework diary and get it
signed each week.
Year 3s are expected to read at home every
night, ideally to an adult, for about 10
This will help their reading immensely.
Once they have read, we do ask the child or
adult to note what pages they have read
and write a brief comment in their reading
records to show their confidence and
Reading Records will be checked at least
once a week to ensure all children are
reading regularly.
The Curriculum
Children will have a numeracy and
literacy lesson every day.
Practicing times tables and basic
sums at home will help them to
understand and even help them to
enjoy maths lessons more.
Reading and practicing spelling at
home will also help them a lot in
2011 – 2012 Curriculum map
The Curriculum
This term our topic is The Tudor times –
an exciting period in British history when
people’s lives were very different and
King Henry VIII ruled the country!
Children will learn about this in History
lessons and also across many other
subjects. Learning about it together at
home will really help their understanding
and enjoyment of the topic.
Burnt Oak library
The Curriculum
In Science this term we will learn
about Rocks and Soils – again,
learning facts and completing
research at home will help them in
They will also study RE, PSHE, PE,
Art and DT, ICT.
Fronter -
Other notes!
Parent’s evening
Exciting year

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