P.R.E.P Pathways Resources for Easy Planning A Multi

Lynal Ingham
Co-Chair Summer Committee
Chicago, 2009
 NAD response to the needs of multi-grade
 Designed to assist teachers of grades 1-4 in
organization and planning of the Pathways
 Available in digital
format and NAD
Pathways website
 Direct link from the
Pacific Union
Elementary website
 http://paucedu.adventistfaith.org/
 http://pathways.nadeducation.org/
 Sample Planning Documents
 Multi-grade Master Planning Guide
 Planning and Progress Check List
 Theme Book Selections List and Planning
 Theme Overview and Theme Support*
 Sample Lesson Plans and Templates*
 Instructional Strategies*
 Includes website resources and FAQs
*Detailed description to follow.
 Book Synopses
 Theme Booklists
 Multi-grade Master Planning Guides
 Planning and Progress Check Lists
 Mini Lessons – Reading and Writing
 Daily Oral Language Sentences
 Spelling
 Word Wall Words
 Theme Board Words
 Two Master Planning Guides per theme:
 Grades 1 & 2
 Grades 3 & 4
 Skills grouped by Pathways 5 Main Targets:
 Target 1: Extended Reading and Writng
 Target 2: Comprehending, Studying and Evaluating Ideas
 Target 3: Reference Skills
 Target 4: Word Study
 Target 5: Sentence Skills
 Then they are divided under 4 categories:
 Skills Assessed in this Theme
 Pathways Resources for Skills Assessed
 Assessment Suggestions for Skills Assessed
 Skills Taught, but Not Assessed in this Theme
 All skills are correlated to the following
resources – DLG, DOL, Blackline Master,
Teacher’s Manual, Writer’s Handbook
 Versatile Use
 Teacher Planning
 Student Progress Tracking – can indicate if a child
has/has not been exposed to the skill or if the skill has
been mastered
 Identifies Target Skills taught in each Grade Level:
 Indicates assessed target skills, as well as
 Target skills taught but not assessed
 Column for Recording Method
of Assessment
 Yearly Plan Sample
 Sample of one teacher’s yearly plan to allow for all
9 themes. (Takes into account vacation days, testing,
etc. This teacher teaches grades 1-8.)
 Weekly Plans
 Three examples of plans for an entire theme. (K-2,
1-4 and 1-8 classrooms)
 Templates
 To be used for planning
 Word format for ease of use
* Cycle charts and sample schedules are being
 Guided Reading
 Resources, Essential Lesson Elements, Assessment
and Group Management
 Spelling and Handwriting
 Suggestions and On-line Resources
 Literacy for Kindergarten
 34 Strategies for Teachers with a Kindergarten
 Web Resources
 Resource address, cost – if any, description and
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Helps to focus on target skills.
 Assists teachers in quickly locating instructional
helps for target skills in the Pathways curriculum.
Supports teachers as they focus on accountability
for student learning.
Provides strategies and approaches for classrooms
that don’t fit into the “mold”.
Includes easily adaptable templates for planning.
Materials offered in electronic form and with
internet support for ease of use.
The Pathways Resource for Easy Planning (P.R.E.P.) a
Multi-grade Tool for Grades 1-4, was developed by the
North America Division Summer Committee held in
Chicago on June 09’. Appreciation is extended to the
committee members for giving of their time and
expertise while completing this project.

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