Buyer`s Mind-set Selling

Cost is too High : What do you mean, Just too high, in comparison to what?
Delivery time too long,
No ISO, Is that a show stopper?
Capacity too low, How much do you need?
Cost of shipping, What is the demand and what about volume
Low quality, what makes you think that?
Region issue, What are your fears here? What if we were from another region?
( check out what the rreal reason is. Just fear or a real obsatcle )
Lack of quality control, More than xx customers are oke with it what is your
Existing supplier is oke, many told us that so we can imagine but even more
were glad they cheked us out and are more happy now.
Manpower quality low, Are you looking for input or output?
No need, Or no time? Not now? Not is the future
No time, But what do you think of the idea and when do you have time?
TCC, is back in … months and worthwhile according to .. Customers
Already working with it, What is your erxperience

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