J-Bus Connection

Comet Fleet
Comet Fleet is product of Actsoft,
Inc. Founded in 1996, Actsoft has a
solid 17-year history of providing
reliable, cost-saving enterprise
software to thousands of businesses
worldwide. Comet Fleet allows
businesses of all sizes the ability to:
Increase Productivity – Monitor, Locate Assets
and Re-route Vehicles, Reduce Theft
Improve Accountability – Change Bad
Behaviors, Reduce Idle Time, Ensure Speed
Enhance Operational Efficiency – Receive
Temperature, Maintenance, and Idle Alerts,
Improve Routing, Gain True Visibility into Daily
Real-time temperature value alerts
ensure that your cargo stays at the
proper temperature at all times and
you can react quickly to changes in
the vehicle’s environment. If for
some reason, the temperature dips
below or spikes above the set value
you will receive an immediate alert.
• Supports up to 8 sensors per
hard-mount device
• Receive current temperature on
every GPS reading
Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensor Benefits
Stay Cool!
• Effectively Maintain Supply
Chain Integrity
• Avoid Disaster Recovery
• Eliminate Down Time
• Mitigate Damage/Accidents
Caused By Spoiled Goods
• Fast Reaction Time to
Refrigeration Failure
Diagnostic Codes
DE-CODING Your Engine
Find out immediately what your “check engine”
light is trying to tell you with this fleet-friendly
How it works: Next time your engine light
comes on Actsoft’s software will send you a
hyperlink informing you of the potential problem.
Curtail further engine damage
Avoid possible accidents and reduce liability
Avoid unnecessary repairs
Maintain good performance
Prevents poor fuel economy
*According to ConsumerReports.org
Manager App
Actsoft’s Manager App gives you
the flexibility of monitoring your
workforce with real-time data
from the field using your mobile
handset or tablet.
• Receive Real-Time Activity Updates when users
fill out forms, clock in or clock out or turn their
vehicles on or off.
• Display Last known GPS Position of a specific
device on a map
• Monitor the Duration of Certain Activities like
stopped, idle, or moving statuses
• Monitor Employee Clock-in
• Optimize Routes using “closest to” feature which
shows distance between jobsite and worker
J-Bus Connection
Comet Fleet Supports J-BUS
Now You Can Connect Your CalAmp Device
Directly Into Your Vehicle's Computer
(Supports J1939 and J1708 connectors )
Fleet managers can monitor:
• GPS Location
• Ignition On/Off
• Power Up
• Hard Acceleration/Deceleration
• Speed
• True Odometer reading*
• And 12 additional digital inputs
(6 and 9-PIN)
Ideal for:
Tractor Trailers
School Bus
Scalability and Flexibility
Comet Suite
Plug and Play Device
Monitor true vehicle speed
Improve routing efficiency
Locate and re-route vehicles with ease
Review idle time for fuel efficiency
Reduce unnecessary/unauthorized stops
Comet Suite
Installed Device
Engine-based power source
Built-in Cellular Antennae
GPS Intervals 60 sec - higher
More accurate GPS data with antenna
Optimize routing efficiency
Input Sensors provide in-depth details of usage
Monitor PTO for fuel usage tax credits
Monitor your employee’s driving habits
Review idle time for fuel efficiency
Ensure speed compliance
Engine-based power source
Built-in Cellular Antennae
GPS Intervals 30 sec - higher
Five Inputs
Three Outputs
Idle Monitoring
Sensors (Temperature, PTO, etc.)
Driver scorecards/Fleet Utilization
• Geo-fencing Alerts
• Diagnostic Codes
• And more!
Operational Efficiency
Know where your employees are and
where they have been
• Improve routing and fleet
• Pinpoint current location
and view “breadcrumb
trails” of previous travel
• Review duration of stops
• Confirm travel with GPS
mileage reports
• Monitor vehicle speed
Studies shows an
average of 230 miles
reduced per week
Using GPS solutions,
$50k annual fuel savings!
Operational Efficiency
Maintenance and Repair Orders
Automated maintenance alerts ensures the
safety, longevity of your fleet
• Set custom reminders to help stay
on top routine maintenance
• Receive event alerts such as low
battery, engine code, etc.
• See vehicle engine codes to help
make operational decisions
Improved Accountability
Driver Scorecards
Gain clear visibility over entire fleet and ensure compliance with
• Measure driving behavior on
fuel economy
• Prevent unnecessary wear and
tear of vehicles with hard
acceleration and deceleration
• Create margins and assessment
points to enhance and promote
green fleet initiatives
Create custom violations alerts per vehicle to
be sent to specified emails addresses
Improved Accountability
• Instantly receive alerts if
employees are late to a job
• Monitor speed compliance
• Speed alerts and stop reports
protect drivers from
unwarranted complaints and
ensure policy enforcement
• Ensure driving is job related
Fleet Management ROI
One hour of overtime reduction per week and an elimination of 50
miles of unnecessary drive time, save $2,700 a month
or $42,300 a year.
Mobile Resource Management’s ROI story is straight
forward and impressive, with customers reporting
significant reductions in operating costs, increased
employee productivity and improved customer
*Frost & Sullivan, 2008
Actsoft – Your Solution Center
Why Actsoft’s Comet Fleet?
• Award-winning customer service
• Dedicated Specialist throughout
the implementation process
• Easy-to-bundle hardware, software, and network
• One account can house multiple devices including
tablets, and phones
• Comet Fleet is available in cloud or enterprise-based
• Professional Services – custom reports for your detailed information
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