Daniel Boyette, Technical SME, NCCCS
Jodi Dyson, CIS System Analyst, Forsyth Tech
 What
is the purpose of the report/query?
 What data needs to be returned?
 What is the criteria, or filter, to be used, if
 What fields will be used in the results?
 How will the data be sorted, if at all?
 Has a similar report already been created?
Search feature
Delete : Deletes the report and all associated custom user views
of the report
Permissions : Launches the permissions dialog allowing you to
modify which principals have what type of access to the report
Lock / Unlock : Locking a report prevents other users from
modifying the base report. In this way you can protect the
integrity of the base report select statement, sorts, groups, etc.
Users are free to customize the report, but they cannot change
the base defaults.
Live Excel : Creates and makes available for download a Live
Excel Spreadsheet.
Copy : Creates a copy of the report and redirects you to the
newly created report.
Using the mapping suite and prompting for year
means this report does not have to be re-created
every year.
Excel Comma-Separated Values (CSV)
 Adobe PDF
 Webpage (HTML)
 Customized Delimiter
 Tab-Delimited
 Fixed Length Columns
 Live Excel
 Saved-List
The files listed under
linked to
 Allowing
inquiry access to RFEI, RDEL, and
 Allowing access to SLED, SAAL, and SLCR.
 Central group of report writers or will
everyone be a report writer?
 Create a Mapping Suite for all ACYR files or
just the most commonly used ACYR files?
 How many years back should the Mapping
Suites pull information?

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