Clean energy
for Montenegro
TPP Pljevlja I
and II
City of Pljevlja is industrial center that is
located in north region of Montenegro, with
the biggest pollution in country.
The sector which contributes greatly to the
poor state of the environment is coal thermo
power plant Pljevlja I.
Beside that alarming situation , Montenegrin
Ministry of Economy is developing the project
of construction of TPP Pljevlja II
 March
 Aim is to stop constructing of TPP Pljevlja II with
public pressures on decision makers.
 Campaign is developed with different activities
on local, national and international level
 It is focused on the negative effects on health,
environment and economy not only on the
citizens of Pljevlja but on entire population of
 April
 Basic technical parameters of block 2:
- Power 220 MW, Efficiency 40%, solved
problem of Pljevlja toplification
 9 offers from China and Europe
 3 selected : Power China, China
Machinery and Skoda Praha ( April 2014)
 Chosen offer ? Ongoing
Firstly, our work was focused on the
preparation of the Study on health impact of
thermo power plant Pljevlja I and predictions
for Pljevlja II
Study on economic impact (The development
of energy complex Pljevlja) which offers not
only statistic data, but also alternative
solutions for energy production in Pljevlja
Results and recommendations from these two
studies will be our strong arguments in further
We took part in public
hearings in Pljevlja and
Podgorica on Energy
Development Strategy
2030 which includes
construction of TPP
Pljevlja II and send our
official comments on it
to the Ministry of
In cooperation with Bankwatch we developed an
analysis of environmental standards of the
preliminary offers for construction of TPP Pljevlja II and
their compliance with EU Directives
We continued our cooperation with Bankwatch by
preparing and disseminating an official letter for all
potential investors that have sent preliminary offers
for construction of TPP Pljevlja II, in which we
explained all possible negative consequences from
eventual construction of new TPP in Pljevlja
Green Home disseminated briefing on the Decision
of the Energy Community Ministerial Council
D/2013/06/MC-EnC adopted on 24th October 2013,
prepared by Frank Bold and CEE Bankwatch Network
to all relevant institutions in Montenegro.
Campaign- Cooperation with
NGOs from Montenegro
Green Home and MANS have sent official request
to the Ministry of Economy to be recognized as a
legal interested party in project of construction of
new TPP (December 2013)
We established communication with few local
NGOs from Pljevlja in order to examine possibilities
for activities and actions in Pljevlja and to hear
their attitude and generally public opinion about
construction of new TPP in their town and their
involvement in our campaign.
Platform for cooperation in campaign against
construction of second block of TPP Pljevlja, which
was signed by 9 NGOs
Together with our visiting guests from Bankwatch
and Friends of the Earth US, we visited existing TPP
Pljevlja I, coal mine Pljevlja and all other
environmental hot spots in Pljevlja
We talked to citizens who are directly affected by
these hot spots and made plans for our common
future activities.
NGO Breznica, as result of this visit, started a
lawsuit against TPP Pljevlja I, coal mine Pljevlja and
Government of Montenegro for environmental
(air) pollution in Pljevlja.
Street performances in Podgorica and Pljevlja – Cough4Coal
NGO Breznica – protests against EPCG in front of TPP, locked the
gates of TPP with chinese locker
Animated educational video on the subject of energy from coal
Environmental film about polution in Pljevlja, NGO ‘Da zaživi selo’
 Round
table which included the
participation of representatives of all
relevant institutions at local and national
level with aim to present two studies:
- Energy complex of Pljevlja
- Sustainable Energy in Montenegro
and environmental film ‘Pljevlja degradated
 Study
on health impact of thermo power
plant Pljevlja
 First part: Impact of existing TPP on health
of citizens of Pljevlja
 Second part: Impact assessment of a new
block on citizens health
Ongoing activities
 Still
waiting for final decision regarding
selection of investor
 Folowing and participating in whole
procedure and public hearings on EIA,
SEA, permits and spatial plans
 Raising awareness: Street actions,
leafleats, brochures, posters, bilboards
etc. on infroming citizens about
consequences of building new TPP

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