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Corridor Management Planning
Key for Organizational Success
Sharon Strouse, National Scenic Byway Foundation
Shyna Gawell, Ohio Department of Transportation
Corridor Management Planning
• Term coined in 1967 by Scenic America to guide the long term implementation of
goals for the preservation and management of our treasured roads
• FHWA’s 1995 policy outlined 14 specific elements necessary in a CMP for national
scenic byway designation
• States looking to update original CMP’s
Different states, Similar foundations
Michigan’s Scenic Byways
Michigan currently has 17 byways – ‘Heritage Routes’
Nominating team … prep of a CMP … evidence of local support
To identify, preserve and enhance Michigan’s scenic, historic and recreational resources
The Heritage Routes program is undergoing transition, with the routes to be known as ‘Michigan Byways’
Different states, Similar foundations
Ohio’s Scenic Byways
Ohio currently has 27 byways
Grassroots byway organizations and volunteer leaders
CMP supports the mission to preserve and protect state’s intrinsic resources
Plan to preserve and protect while providing for the user’s enjoyment
Different states, different approaches
Michigan’s Scenic Byways
CMP Update
• MDOT coordinating with Regional
Planning Areas (RPAs) to assist in
update of CMPs.
Different states, different approaches
Ohio’s Scenic Byways
CMP Update
• Individual byways responsible to update
• ODOT/OBL hired a consultant to assist
the byways.
Reviews current CMP and offers advice
Offered training sessions to byways
CMP Update Requirements and Recommendations
Byway vision and mission
Byway organization
Current byway corridor conditions
Visitor Experience
Public participation
Tips for CMP Updates
Start with the end in mind
• Review organization and mission
• Short term plans, finances in hand
• Long term plans, realistic budget and fundraising
• Goals determined based on leadership assigned for
• Coordination with the state byway program
Timeline recommendations
• Allow time needed for research
• Schedule strategic planning sessions
• Hire professional support
• Contract photographers/ Gather updated photos
Contact us anytime:
Sharon Strouse, NSBF
Shyna Gawell, ODOT

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