may be useful to other smart people who aren`t

Short Japanese traveler guide to Martinique
(may be useful to other smart people who aren’t Japanese!)
Dear Kodo-san
Following our discussion about Martinique, please find some information as I promised you. I don't know how Jean will manage the workshop and, at least equally important, the
"social events". I guess he will do a superb job to convince everybody his homeland is located near to Paradise! But if you don't attend all the conferences and thus you've some
free time (or if you think Jean is not organizing enough trips to the distilleries!), the best is to rent a car and to look at the island. I attach to this email a map with some locations I
can advice you to visit. These spots are very nice and merit a visit. Of course, I know only a very few of Martinique and there are certainly other nice parts to see. A great point
would be to meet people and to feel the "spirit" of the Caribbean islands. For that purpose, you really need the help of Jean. For general information, go
Another important question to be addressed is Rum!! As I told you, you will be impressed first because it's very good (try "rhum (rum) agricole", which is not aged, as a cocktail
(the most popular is Ti-Punch) -at any time of the day!- , or aged rums as brandy or cognac -after a lunch or a diner, with some cigars-). I give you here some Internet addresses
with explanations and even cocktail recipes (the lighter cocktails with an high percentage of juices and some ice cubes are really appreciated by ladies! Please try it in Japan). You
will be also impressed by the prices that are very cheap. Maybe, it's easier to buy a bag-in-box (3-5 liters) for any transportation to Japan.
So enjoy, and don't drive too much drunk (there could be some blood control by the police !!). Don't forget swimming cloth, sun glasses and also creams against the sun and
maybe against mosquito (mostly during night). If you rent a car, don't forget we drive on the opposite, as compared to Japan, side of the roads. Also, don’t worry about currency:
it’s simply euro. If necessary, you may find help from the French people attending the workshop, who will be glad to translate from French to English.
Best wishes
Some bars and clubs in or nearby Fort de France
(sometime bands are playing local Caribbean music: ask advices to Jean or
check schedules of the events at
You will dance the “zouk” or the “ragga” (local reggae, called reggaeton in
other Caribbean islands) and of course … drink cocktails. You can listen:
Zouk at:
Ragga, reggaeton, salsa… at:
Or the very popular bands/singers:
Kassav (the very famous zouk-la-sesel-medikaman-nou-ni)
Compagnie Créole
LE 360
8, rue Josèph Compère 97200 Fort de France
20, Boulevard Allègre - 97200 Fort de France
Tel : 06 96 27 93 19
20, Boulevard Allègre - 97200 Fort de France
Californie - Imm. les Coteaux - 97232 Le Lamentin
Tél. : 05 96 50 16 37
104, rue Ernest Deproge - 97200 Fort de France
Tél. : 05 96 63 03 48
28, rue Ernest Deproge - 97200 Fort de France
Tél. : 05 96 70 54 45
Pointe Simon
97200 Fort-de-France
Tél. 05 96 70 53 59
8. rue Joseph Compère
Tél. 05 96 70 19 31
18. Rue François Arago
97200 Fort-de-France
Tel. : 0596 60 46 69
104. Rue Ernest Desproges
97200 Fort-de-France
Tel. : 0596 63 03 48
104. Rue Ernest Desproges
97200 Fort-de-France
H CLUB nouveau
Route du Morne Vert
97224 DUCOS
Tél. : 05 96 77 11 66
Les Mangles – Acajou
Tel. : 0596 73 29 77
Especially for Japanese citizen: there exist some karaoke
machines in a few of these bars!
Saint Pierre
The former capital of Martinique destroyed
In 1905 by the eruption of Montage Pelée
volcano. The city is not very beautiful, but there
exists a typical atmosphere, maybe some
reminiscence of this sad event. Enjoy typical
meals at the market close the shore. You can
also visit the Depaz distillery: very nice park and
view over the sea and the mountains.
Distillery Neisson
For me, the best rum “agricole” (this
means not aged, thus very “fruity”). Maybe,
Jean will not agree! Ask for Zepaul Carré
(“squared shoulder”, as the shape of the
Montagne Pelée
Walking around Montagne Pelée is a nice
experience (wild forest, etc.) and reaching
the summit is a “very” good physical
exercise. Unfortunately, the top is often
hidden by clouds.
Presque’île (peninsula) de la Caravelle
Nice walk (a few km) from Château Dubuc
(a former castle) down to the shore. You
will cross (nice track) the mangrove and
reach some wild beaches.
Fort de France
It should be visited. The cathedral is quite
unique (make with iron poles). The market
(fruits, vegetables, spices…) merits a visit.
Grande Anse d’Arlet
Nice village and beach between rocks.
Take a mask/tuba and watch the fishes
at the rocks at the right border of the beach.
If you are lucky, you will see turtles in see near the pontoon.
Good restaurants at the beach to eat fresh fishes.
Plage (beach) des Salines
Certainly the most beautiful beach of
Martinique: like a swimming pool, white
sand, palm trees…

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